One Year Anniversary

Our BUNCO group reached a one year anniversary!!
 While this is a far cry from the whole group, and not even the whole group from last night, these peeps are some of my besties.
(me (holding Sarah's baby Tucker), Kristen, Maggie, Sarah, Janelle)

Those of you who didn't come last night missed a par-tay!!
BUNCO is kinda my favorite night of the month. :)


maggie said...

were you not of the lengthy "photoshop before posting" conversation we had?

sarah said...

I hate Bunco. I totally don't look forward to it.

Oh wait.

You're one heck of a chairman, btw. All thanks to you for our "club!"

lyssa beth said...

That's so fun. Seriously fun group of ladies. I"ll have to get pointers of how you do that with kids!

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