Benny Boo is THREE

My little Benny turned three today. He has been telling us for about 6 months that he wasn't 2, he was 3. So, thankfully for him, he is officially 3 today. It was such a great day for this little man of mine.

So, I am an idiot and loaded the pictures in backward order....and I am much too lazy to delete them all and do it again. (Duh, I am watching Bachelorette and have to hurry and post so I can focus on Emily!) So, I guess we will talk about Ben's birthday in reverse order.

After the fun-filled day was over my boys were beat. They were out by 8:00pm. We literally didn't stop all day.

 Of course a birthday needs to start with a doughnut breakfast. Breakfast of champions. :) Mostly Jax and Ben just licked the frosting and left the doughnut. Genius.
 This afternoon we had a little party with some of his friends and cousins. It was just in our backyard with a slip-n-slide, pool and a water fight. These little boys were so entertained.

 The party was mediocore until Chase got in on the water fight. As soon as he got involved the little boys were in heaven. Everyone, of course, had to shoot Chase. He was such a good spot to get water launched in his face multiple times. I can't even count how many times I told him today that he is the best dad ever.
 Lately Ben has decided that Chase is not only his best friend, but also his idol. If Chase is doing something, Ben wants to do the exact same thing. It is adorable.
 Oh little Jax. Such a heartbreaker!!
 Ben is OBSESSED with the Disney show "Jake and the Neverland Pirates". He has even assigned us all to be a character. Ben is, obviously, Jake, Chase is Covey, I am Captain Hook and Jax is Peter Pan. Amazing.

He got some "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" and looooved them.

Such a great day. I am so happy Chase got to spend the day with us. After the party we went to see "The Lorax". Ben didn't move a muscle the entire movie, and I am pretty sure Jax ate a large popcorn on his own. Perfect.

Happy Birthday Ben!!!
Love, love, LOVE you!


One Year Anniversary

Our BUNCO group reached a one year anniversary!!
 While this is a far cry from the whole group, and not even the whole group from last night, these peeps are some of my besties.
(me (holding Sarah's baby Tucker), Kristen, Maggie, Sarah, Janelle)

Those of you who didn't come last night missed a par-tay!!
BUNCO is kinda my favorite night of the month. :)