Rainbow Bike and a Party

First, we need to talk about how much Ben looks like me. I am thinking a lot. Am I right? Jax looks more like Chase, and Ben looks like me. Yet, they look just like each other...so strange.
Ben got a Strider/Balance bike last month and it has changed his life - and mine. It is the brightest colors ever, and he has named it his rainbow bike. So fitting!!! It is his best bud. It goes EVERYWHERE with us.
Most of these balance bikes are $75-$100, but I found this gem at Smith's Marketplace for $34.99! Best money I have ever spent. If you have a 2-4 year old, you need to go buy one STAT.
When Ben first got his rainbow bike he was totally uncoordinated on it. Chase and I were like, "Oh my...this little guy may not be too coordinated." But, a week later he is flying down hill, balancing with his feet in the air. So adorable.
Yesterday Amber threw the party of the year for Roen. He always has like 900 kids at his birthday parties. And, of course, Jax and Ben were front row.
Roen and a few of his buds. (And his girlfriend Lily..who he refers to as Willy.)
Jax is a man in motion! You would think a fenced yard would contain him, but no. He scales the dang thing. He even climbed up on top of Amber's shed and was trying to clear the fense. I am always on high alert with this crazy man.
Sand diggin fun.


Heather Lee said...

Is that Kennan in the background instagramming? I can't believe you found a deal like that, I've looked in to balance bikes bf and they are ridiculously expensive. Too bad we don't have a smiths food king out here. Ben is looking so much older, and yes lots like you. But I think jax loos like you too. Good thing youre an adventurists, you can totally hang atop the shed.

sarah said...

Ok- so...Ben? Your twin. Both adorable. Print and frame that picture if you haven't already! It is weird though how once you have kids--you and your husbands features start morphing into each others!

Last-- Bens sweater is simply amazing.