St. Geezy

My little brother, Stockton, was playing in a baseball tournament in St. George over the weekend so we all tagged along to see some sunlight.
If you thought Brittany Spears was a terrible mom for letting her boys ride carseat-less, you are not going to be impressed with this...
We folded down the third row in our car, strategically packed our stuff flat and then added a large blanket padded top.... PRESTO! Jax had his own luxurey suite to ride in for 4 hours! :)
As you can see, we were just a little nervous about being caught breaking the law so, we covered all the back windows with pillows. Success!
Not a single complaint from this guy the whole drive.

Little Ben was also a saint. He had a large bag of goldfish, an ipad and a smile. We were so nervous for the drive. We just knew they were going to scream the entire time and throw up six times each.:) We lucked out.
The highlight of the trip for Ben was the discovery of the balance/strider/no pedal bike. He and Zac owned that neighborhood on those things.

This photo is proof that Chase was with us on the trip. Can you tell how much he LOVES posing for the camera??
It needs to be documented that I showed some true Romney pride on Mitt's birthday. Okay fine, so I didn't know it was his birthday, but talk about good timing!! Romney 2013!!
While Ben was speeding around on his bike, Jax was hiking. The house we were in is in a gated community. You will never know how grateful I am for the invention of the gate/fence. Makes my life so much more enjoyable:)
This rock wall was a little boy's dream come true. Jax went up and down this thing too many times to count. Then, he decided on rock throwing from the top.

Okay so, this is a terrrrrible picture of me. I am aware. I'm pretty sure my nose is smashed and widened...oh well, I'm over it. But, I had to post it becasue Jax is the sweetest thing in this picture. Look at those blue eyes!! Ahh, such a little heartbreaker.



When Chase got home from work Ben demanded he do some sprints with him.
Track stance...
Jax waits on the couch to be tickled by the tickle force.
So cute.