Santa, Santa HO HO HO

Every year Chase's Grandpa Carlson dresses up like Santa for the kids.  Last year Jax was scared.  This year Ben was traumatized.

This photo shows Ben's reaction perfectly.  It is a little deceiving for Jax though.  Jax wanted to sit on Santa's lap and would just stare at his face.  It was so funny.  This picture is after he had to sit still for like 2 minutes.  He needed to be freed!!

It is probably rude that we kept trying to put Ben on Santa's lap, but it was a must.  He kept saying,"Where's Santa? Santa is home," through his tears after he left.  He woke up 6 times that night crying.  Poor baby.  Enjoy.

Skye, Paul and Chance
Chance didn't like Santa either.

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