Christmas 2011

This is going to be the ultimate worst Christmas post ever.  I left my camera at my aunt's house (that is 40 minutes away) 2 days before Christmas.  I was sooooo sad.  So, I have just stolen a few pictures from my family that contain my kids.  Sorry Jax and Ben, but not a single picture of you guys opening gifts this year.

The annual grandkid Christmas pajama photo.
Where is the world are all the girls???  Katie is pregnant so, perhaps she will bring the first granddaughter to the family.  As you can see, Jax was so not wanting to have to stand still for a picture.  Or, put on the sweats.  When has he ever cooperated?  Why start now?

So, I have to post some pictures of my cute nieces (Gunderson side - girls are only found there).  I made Char and Stella these adorable Christmas outfits.  

This mop bucket was the coveted toy at Grandma Gunderson's house on both Christmas Eve and Christmas.  The kids wanted to cart it around and push each other in it.  Ben and Char in action.

The only photo that proves that Chase and I experienced Christmas 2011.  Why am I so NOT surprised that Chase isn't looking at the camera and is checking sports scores at the dinner table.  I HATE Internet on phones!!!!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

BTW, my Christmas decor was 100% down and put away by noon on December 26th.  My house was starting to look like it was next in line on "Hoarders" with all the toys AND decorations everywhere.  Bring on Spring!

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