crazy kiddies

I was just looking through my camera pictures and realized that my little boys are crazy animals. They are at the cutest ages right now - 2 and 3.  They have turned into little people.

Ben has seriously been so happy about all the toy ads that have been coming out.  The huge ToysRUs book really got him.  He LOVES looking through the toy ads that come in the mail.
My crazy Jax...I love this boy so much.  There is NEVER a dull moment with this guy.  This is the HUGE grin that comes from jumping from couch to couch.
Ben has turned into a parrot.  He repeats everything.  He was trying to feed mickey some cheese in this picture.  He was saying, "Mickey, have a bite!!!"  He got so frustrated that Mickey wouldn't take a bite that he started crying.  Hilarious.
Ben has found true love with his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stuffed animals.
Jax had the brilliant idea of bringing a tube with him into the tub.  Ben, of course, immediately needed one too.  These two have quickly taught me that I have to buy two of EVERYTHING.
Once again Ben with his Disney buddies.
Last Saturday was a treat.  I undressed my boys to put them in the tub.  After I undressed Jax, he sprinted away.  I couldn't find him to put him in the tub.  To my surprise, I found him streaking in the backyard.
I was yelling for him to come in because it was freezing, but he had no idea that snow was cold.  He was grinning ear to ear.
End of November and he is still rocking his summer tan line.
Jax and I then fought for about 30 minutes about him going outside.  I told him he couldn't go outside without pants and shoes.  His coat was as far as we got.  Needless to say, he didn't get to go play in the snow.
Ben, on the other hand, gladly geared up for the backyard.
Having two boys 16 months apart almost put me in the hospital for the first year of Ben's life.  It has recently gotten much more fun.  However, if you see me in a public place with these crazies you may beg to differ.  They are running and I am PERMANENTLY sprinting to make sure that I don't lose someone.  But, I promise the insanity you see now when I take these two anywhere is nothing compared to a year ago! :)

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Crystal said...

Cute boys!! MY 2 year old has a love of Mickey and Minnie! I love hearing her sing the song from their show!!