Back in Business

It is no surprise that no one is checking up on my blog.  Why in the world would you?  There is nothing new ever.  But, it is time to get back in business.  However, with such a long gap in posting comes a random update.

In regular fall fashion we went to HeeHaw Farms.  We went the first day they were open, at the exact opening time.  We were the only ones there!!  Amazing!  The kiddies got all the train riding, horse riding, corn digging, and chicken chasing they could handle.

Katie and Timmy were in town so Zac got to chill with the cousins.  Roen and Milo were also in on the fun.
Lucky for Chase he got the job of entering the animal area with Ben.  I was not interested.  I was scared a chicken was going to peck me!

Pretty much all the time we are just parents.  Our kids are young and wild.  We are always chasing one or dragging the other.  Pictures like these remind me that we are still a couple.  I hate that it is easy to forget that and just be in parent mode.  But, Chase is pretty cute so I'll take it.
Luckily there was no one at HeeHaw Farms because Ben refused to get off the horse.  Literally.  He threw the biggest fit if you tried to take him off.  So, he took quite a few extra laps.
Jax LOVES animals but DOES NOT want to touch them.  I was sure there was no chance that he was going to get on the horse.  But, he jumped right on!
The corn "sandbox" was a dream come true for Jax.

With Jax gone all day at school Ben has started a loving relationship with his trains.  All day long.  Choo choo.  How many times does he say that a day??  A million!  Cutie!!
And, with Jax gone Ben has become attached to me.  I think I now have an extra limb.  I took this picture to show what my view is at all times of the day.  This little guy is clinging to my leg.  No we aren't out in public and he is trying not to get lost.  We are just in the kitchen.  He is a mother boy!
This month Chase turned 28.  For some reason, he hates his birthday.  He doesn't like all attention to be focused on him, and I think the quick approach to 30 has him shakin' in his boots.  But alas, we celebrated.
Happy Birthday to my best bud and the love of my life!!

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