Today was the first day of school for Jax.  Such a bitter-sweet day.  I know kids need to go to school, and I know this will be so good for Jax, but it makes me so sad.  I am so sad that he has entered into the schooling world.  He will never be home all day long with me again...never.

This morning I had to pack this little man a lunch.  You better believe I was choked up as I was doing it.
His little backpack and lunch sack.
Such a handsome boy!  I know I am biased, but this little dude has got some good looks.  He is the cutest.

After we dropped Jax off, Ben freaked out.  Seriously.  FREAKED!  He was so sad that we were dropping Jax off at school and that he wasn't staying too.  This little guy has never been without Jax.  They are best buds.  His face describes exactly how I felt.

When I FINALLY got to go pick up Jax, he was so excited to see me.  He ran right over and hugged me.  His teachers said he did awesome and even sat in his seat!  Sitting is a bit of an issue for this little man...  I was so happy!!

I opened up his lunch box to find his entire sandwich, minus one little bite.  He saw a PopTart in my car when I picked him up and INHALED it.  Little dude must have been hungry.  It looks like I won't be packing a peanut butter sandwich for him tomorrow.
And, his first little project.  Such a cute little handprint.  My baby is growing up.

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halliday6 said...

I have some comforting words for you that get all of us moms through the separation-Fall break, Christmas break, Spring Break, and Summer vacation! Little glimpses of your former schedule that help balance out the time apart!