Hazel Gunderson

Last week Chase's grandma, Hazel, passed away.  She was the cat's meow!!  Seriously, when she was called the brown bomber because she was that beautiful.  Chase has a special relationship with his grandma and was so sad to have her go.  But, at the same time we are so happy for her to finally meet back up with her husband who she hasn't seen for 20 years!!

She has been sick for a little while and knew that her time was coming - she was 92.  She planned her whole funeral. :)  She wanted everyone to write her a message, stick it on a balloon, and send it to her in heaven.  She promised to read every single one. :)
Chase's extended family on his dad's side doesn't get together too often.  Everyone lives in different states so, funerals are actually a time we all get to see each other.  And, some of my favorite people in the world are there.
My fashionable, beautiful mother-in-lay Jana, me, my sexy Chase
I couldn't love all of Chase's girl cousins any more.  They are one wild bunch.
I am sure that some of you might think this picture of Drew and Hazel is a little strange, but as strange as a picture of a dead body may be, I had to capture this moment.  It is so sweet of Drew looking at her.
Chase and I  posing with the Brown fam (and Jana).
If you are wondering if my strikingly gorgeous sister-in-law Skye seriously has that beautiful of hair, she does.  And, she is 4 months pregnant.  And, her baby Chance is a heartbreaker.
*Seriously, Chase struggles to understand 1-2-3 smile!  Every picture he is not quite ready! ha ha

Hazel's daughters and daughters-in-law...(and one stranger in the middle that I don't know:)
Jay, Dan, Chase

Grandma Gunderson was one of then most loved people on the earth.  I honestly don't believe there is a single person who could say a bad word about her.  Although she was blind she told you how beautiful you were every time she saw you.  She smiled through every single day - literally all day.  

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halliday6 said...

Lady you don't know in the middle is uncle Craig's first wife, Beth, whom we all LOVE!!! She was super-nervous about coming, so it was really cute how everyone cried when they saw her!