5 Year Anniversary

July 8th marked 5 years since Chase and  I got married.
That seems so long and so short at the same time....

We took a trip to Phoenix WITHOUT KIDS to celebrate.

Who's bag is who's?????

Don't be shocked that CHASE'S bag is the gigantic body bag on the left and mine is the reasonably sized one on the right.
We spent one day boating with our favorite cousins.  SOOO fun!!!
You better believe that I got up on the wakeboard.
Chase didn't have ANY luck on the wakeboard so, he had to stick to the kneeboard.

The greatest part, however, was tubing.  Seriously AMAZING!!!!  
We all laughed harder than we have in a looooong time.  My muscles and neck were aching the next day.
This picture is evidence of how sweet my husband is.  I wanted to get a pedicure so he was so sweet and came with me and got a manicure.  He was the only guy in there with like 12 girls....minus the freaky man who was getting is 2 inch long acrylic nails replaced.
Although most people would think planning a trip to Phoenix in July is sheer madness, we just might make this a yearly event.  We had so much fun with the Dewitt clan.  Janelle and Scott took us to the famous Pizza Bianco (PS Go there next time you are in Phoenix.).  I am pretty sure we each at at least 6 slices of pizza.  But, not to worry.  We went to Cold Stone after to top it off. :)
I know that preschools go to Fire Stations for field trips, but I must say that we LOVED our tour of the Phoenix fire department from Scott.  He works there and gave us a celebrity tour.  First thing I did was put on the helmet!
Scott said we had to take a photo that indicated to everyone that we were at the super cool PHOENIX fire department.
K1 Racing.  So fun!!  We drove race cars, and I left with full on injuries.  I had to ice my hand between races.  Seriously. 
So So fun!!  I was the official loser, and Janelle was the official winner.  Scott and Chase talked about their driving form for a good 30 minutes after we left.


Kelsey said...

First of all, why in the freak are you posting at 2:30am? Second, happy anniversary! It looks like you guys had such a blast! You look darling in all of the pictures! And to Chase I have to say, gear down on the packing! Haha.

goldie said...

I was posting from work. Remember how I work graveyards?;)

Heather Lee said...

Goldie, love your suit. What a fun anniversary excursion. I loved your post about Benny Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo. He's SO cute, I'm glad you had him too. You're a trooper, that would be hard...you know being 8 months post pardon and already expecting another. Heavenly Father sure knows what He's doing to send that to someone like you. Because no one can do it better than you. You're awesome, lets KIT FOREVER. Miss you and those twins of yours.

jimmy said...
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halliday6 said...

Yes, I think you should DEFINITELY do this once a year! We loved hanging with you! But we have really high expectations for the next time we come up to Utah to visit...:)

gohost said...

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Jonny and Suzette Baird said...

Goldie, you are gorgeous! This looks like so much fun! I bet the water was the perfect temp. as in temperature, ;)