summer begins

I figured since about 3 people read this blog that I better get updating or all three of you are going to be very disappointed.

Summer has begun!!  Sure it has yet to hit 80 degrees, but we have been playing outside all day long.  My kids love splashing around in their little plastic pool.  Jax has only been out of school for 2 weeks, and he and Ben are already rocking farmer's tans. :)

My sister, Amber, got a new dog last week.  Pugzy was over at my house and my kids LOVED his.  Jax has taken about the whole week to warm up enough to be sharing the couch with him.  
For Ben, on the other hand, it was love at first sight.
Ben + Pugzy = BFFs
This photo is a better description of what Jax was really like.  While Ben was chasing Pugzy and kissing him, Jax wanted to keep at least one other body between him and the dog.

And, last but not least me and my Chaser.  I am loving this warm weather.  It is so nice to not feel like you are on house arrest.


Jenna said...

Hey! I'm one of those 3! Haha. We need to hang out soon!

Heather Lee said...

If you weren't counting me in the 3, well then I make 4. I think jax is starting to look more like chase! When I first saw these photos I thought you guys bought a dog, and I thought...wow Goldie is taking on the world! A mom, a job, a booming business in the form of a flower bomb, and then a dog! You're still taking on the world.

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