Today my baby sis graduated from high school.  I seriously can't even believe it!

She is such a sweet girl.  I feeling kinda proud of her.

Amber and Lynn were the only ones who brought their whole family.  Katie and I were flying solo.  Chase stayed home with our kids because my kids are terrors and would have been sprinting up and down the aisles and stairs the entire time.

Me and Chey.
I can't believe she will be entering the college world this year.  I feel old...
This group is probably my favorite group in the world (Minus the fact that my mom is missing).  My sisters are the best EVER.  For sure my best friends in the whole world.  And, pretty much the only people, other than Chase, who use my cell phone number frequently.
My cute mom and dad and grandma and grandpa.
Class of 2011
The graduate herself!!! :)
Way to go Chey!!  Love you!!!

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Jenna said...

You and her are identical twins, wow!