This little guy turned 2 last week.
I can't believe it.
How are we already here?

We celebrated three times for this little man - with my family, with Chase's family, and with our little family of four.

Chase's family came over for a little swim/slip'n slide party.

Chance got the award for the dirtiest attendee.  He was in HEAVEN!!
Ben and Char probably took turns going down this little slide about 50 time.
(This is the only photo of Chase in all of our birthday celebrations.  He is very small and sitting at the table in the background.  But, for the record he didn't miss a minute of the celebrating.)
The cake went over well.
Ben thought it was the coolest thing ever, and Jax is obsessed with frosting.
Perfect combination.

Ohh...my little birthday boy.
He is the cutest little boy ever.  
He is FULL of personality.
Whenever ANYTHING happens he yell, "HEYYYYYYY!!!!!!"
So cute.

I didn't find out I was pregnant with Ben until I was 18 weeks along.  I was feeling terrible about myself.  I was gaining weigh at a pretty consistent rate and had no idea what the ------ was going on.  Jax was, after all, only 8 months old when I got pregnant.  The possibility of being pregnant wasn't even on my mind.

So, I decided that I needed to take matters into my own hands and stop gaining weight.  I decided that I needed to do the HCG diet stat.  So, I got everything rolling and was ready to start my first injection the next morning.  I laid in bed that night and the spirit told me so clearly to take a pregnancy test.  Strange.  But, as soon as I woke up the next morning it was the first thing I did. 


HOLY FREAK!!!!!!!!!

I was shocked.  

HCG is a big NO NO when you are pregnant so, I am so happy that Heavenly Father quickly told me to take a pregnancy test the night before I started.  Needless to say, I didn't start the diet. :)

I feel like this situation is a perfect description of how life has been with Ben.  Heavenly Father has been so mindful of my little family in regards to Ben. For starters, at my 6 week appointment after having Jax I was planning to get an IUD.  At the doctor's office my doctor told me that my insurance didn't cover an IUD.  I couldn't believe it.  At the time we had Educator's Mutual, which usually covers EVERYTHING under the sun.  My doctor told me they were a messily $800.  Needless to say,  I decided not to get an IUD.

  I have had very strong confirmation regarding Ben and his social personality coming to our family so quickly.  It has been so great for Jax to have little Benny around.

On Jax's first birthday I sat in a rocking chair rocking Jax with my 4 month pregnant belly poking out sobbing.  I kept telling Jax how sorry I was that I was pregnant - that I was having another baby when he was still a baby.  That there was going to be another baby to come take away our precious time together.

After I had Ben I even suffered from Postpartum Depression for a little bit.  I felt mad that I already had another baby.  I wanted to just worry about my first baby.  

As I look back on that, I see how wrong I was.  We needed Ben.

Ben was sent to us.  We didn't consciously choose to have baby #2 so soon.  Starting with the IUD not being covered by my insurance.  I am so grateful that Heavenly Father is in charge.  I am so grateful that His plan prevails because His plan is better than ours.

We love our little Benny Boo so much.  He is the best little snuggler.  He has even been named "Mother Boy" by the Arrested Development fans in Chase's family.  He and I have a special bond.  We are buds.

Happy Birthday Benny Boo!!!


summer begins

I figured since about 3 people read this blog that I better get updating or all three of you are going to be very disappointed.

Summer has begun!!  Sure it has yet to hit 80 degrees, but we have been playing outside all day long.  My kids love splashing around in their little plastic pool.  Jax has only been out of school for 2 weeks, and he and Ben are already rocking farmer's tans. :)

My sister, Amber, got a new dog last week.  Pugzy was over at my house and my kids LOVED his.  Jax has taken about the whole week to warm up enough to be sharing the couch with him.  
For Ben, on the other hand, it was love at first sight.
Ben + Pugzy = BFFs
This photo is a better description of what Jax was really like.  While Ben was chasing Pugzy and kissing him, Jax wanted to keep at least one other body between him and the dog.

And, last but not least me and my Chaser.  I am loving this warm weather.  It is so nice to not feel like you are on house arrest.



Today my baby sis graduated from high school.  I seriously can't even believe it!

She is such a sweet girl.  I feeling kinda proud of her.

Amber and Lynn were the only ones who brought their whole family.  Katie and I were flying solo.  Chase stayed home with our kids because my kids are terrors and would have been sprinting up and down the aisles and stairs the entire time.

Me and Chey.
I can't believe she will be entering the college world this year.  I feel old...
This group is probably my favorite group in the world (Minus the fact that my mom is missing).  My sisters are the best EVER.  For sure my best friends in the whole world.  And, pretty much the only people, other than Chase, who use my cell phone number frequently.
My cute mom and dad and grandma and grandpa.
Class of 2011
The graduate herself!!! :)
Way to go Chey!!  Love you!!!