Night Out

I already know that my sis, Amber, is going to mock me for this post, BUT I am still doing it.
Sadly, a wedding dinner counts as a night out these days.  The number of nights Chase and I are without our little peeps are very few.  So, you better believe I busted out my camera to document our "date".
My little bro Nick and my Chaser.
Me, my beautiful cousin Kylee (the bride-to-be), and my sis Amber
Nick, Matt, B, Bobby
These guys all wanted a copy of this photo :)
Amber and Lynn

Well, that is it.  ha ha
But, I just want everyone to know that Chase and I did do something without kids.  It really needs to be documented when that happens.

PS Thanks Amber for letting me eat my dinner AND yours :)

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Kelsey said...

I want you to know that I felt the same way. It totally counts as a date! Sad, but true. I guess you gotta take what you can get!