Take Me Out to the Ball Game

This week while Jax was at school Ben and I went to the State Championship baseball game with my fam.  Honestly, I was SHOCKED at his behavior.  He was a little angel.  I just always figured he was a hellian because everywhere I go he and Jax are just sprinting from place to place and I nearly lose them both.

But, when this little guy is alone, he is a dream come true.

Who knew?? :)


I Like What I Like

First off, how adorable are these summer buzzes?
These two little boys were cracking me up today.  It is so funny how such little kids have preferences.  After all the money and new technology being put into new Disney and Pixar movies, what is my kids' favorite movie?
Old school The Fox and the Hound

And, what is the snack of choice?
Mustard Pretzels

It is hilarious to me that at 2 yrs. and 3 yrs. these little guys already like specific things.


Night Out

I already know that my sis, Amber, is going to mock me for this post, BUT I am still doing it.
Sadly, a wedding dinner counts as a night out these days.  The number of nights Chase and I are without our little peeps are very few.  So, you better believe I busted out my camera to document our "date".
My little bro Nick and my Chaser.
Me, my beautiful cousin Kylee (the bride-to-be), and my sis Amber
Nick, Matt, B, Bobby
These guys all wanted a copy of this photo :)
Amber and Lynn

Well, that is it.  ha ha
But, I just want everyone to know that Chase and I did do something without kids.  It really needs to be documented when that happens.

PS Thanks Amber for letting me eat my dinner AND yours :)