Roen's Birthday Party

My nephew, Roen, turns 5 this week.  He had a killer birthday party to celebrate.
He has been so excited about it and really concerned about making sure Jax and Ben got him a gift.  And, I feel very proud to say that the Iron Hide (Transformer jargon) we got him was basically his favorite gift!!!! 
*Last year when he opened my gift for him - Ironman paraphernalia - he started crying and told me that the gift was a garbage gift.  So this year I took special care when getting his present. :) 
So, all 100 kids that Mr. Roen knows showed up ready to party.
And, of course Jax and Ben were on the VIP guest list.
"A baby!!! A baby!!"  Ben couldn't resist.  He had to make his way into Holden's car seat for a little love.
These two little cousins are only 3 months apart and could probably pass as twins.
PS I am so grateful they aren't twins.  Not because I don't love Char, but I am pretty sure I would be in a mental hospital by now if I had three kids ages 2 and 3!!!
Piniata!!!!!!  Nothing makes a party like scrounging through the piniata candy.  Jax wasn't the best at this.  He couldn't wait to eat the candy so he'd have to eat each piece before he would pick up another.  Which, left him with a small pile since all the other greedy kids grabbed it all!!
Milo is seriously amazing.  He makes me laugh just looking at him.  He is so cute.
And, the birthday boy himself.  Of course his party was all things Transformer.  He wouldn't have it any other way.
The sun is obviously a little too bright for Benny-boo.  This was probably his fifth or sixth cupcake..
Jax on the other hand wanted nothing to do with the cupcakes.  He just kept refilling his one cupcake with more frosting.  A boy after my own heart!
All the peeps at the cupcake decorating table.
Ben and Char diggin'
Jax thought this gigantic sandbox was the best thing ever!!

Happy Birthday to the dude that made me an aunt.

PSS We missed you Katie!!!!!! (And Zac) :(

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Jobi Niu said...

Ha Ha that is so funny how is about his presents! LOL. I remember when he was a baby, now he's 5!! CRAZY. What a lil stud. Cute pictures. :]