house arrest

I have been on house arrest.  Literally.


Last week Jax decided that he no longer will wear pants.  Period.  No exceptions.  He throws the BIGGEST fit you have ever seen if you have the nerve to try and get him in pants.  It doesn’t matter what I try – jeans, corduroys, shorts, athletic pants, pajama pants, sweats, sweatshorts. I have tried them all.

Needless to say, we haven’t been going anywhere.  It is just weird to  go out into public with a 3 year old who isn’t wearing bottoms.


In November of last year Jax decided that he wasn’t going to wear shoes anymore.  Pretty awesome decision right as winter is starting.  We did, however, find one pair of Vans that he would wear on very rare occasions.  But, I moved from, “He has to wear shoes,” to, “If he ever wears shoes – even for 2 minutes – we are moving in the right direction.”  Not wearing shoes was annoying.  We didn’t play in the snow at all last winter.  We didn’t really go outside at all to avoid frostbite.  And no, putting him outside in socks when it was freezing didn’t make him want shoes.  He just happily ran through the snow in wet socks.


Well, I thought that was bad.  Little did I know it was going to get a lot worse.  This pants thing is KILLING me.  I seriously feel like someone put an ankle bracelet tracker on me and told me I couldn’t leave my house.  Thank goodness it is warm enough to play in the backyard without pants (sorta). 


Did I mention that when Jax went to school on Friday he showed up without pants on.  Sweet.  And, by some miracle we got pants on him Sunday to go to church.  But, he quickly realized that he had them on and freaked.  He ripped them off as I was wrestling him to the ground.  Let’s just say we immediately got in the car and left.  We can go nowhere.  Not even church.


I am not sure how much more of this I can take.


So, I am needing some serious help.  What in the world do I do?  Nothing works.  He won’t put them on if I do the, “You can’t do this until you put your pants on.”  Timeout doesn’t do it.  A wrestling match that leaves me sweating and crying has failed to.  So, who is the occupational therapist out there who can solve this one?


sarah said...

Im sorry Mug! Sounds beyond frustrating! You can escape to my house! We don't require pants around here!

kennan said...

no pants required here either. also, i am pretty sure the hidden oaks park is a pants free enviroment as well.

love you... and my dad is an idiot.

Jobi Niu said...
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Andrea said...

hahahaha. frusterating....but sooo funny. That kid.... is quite stubborn huh??? Funny pictures.