a GOOD day

I have been a complainer.
And, I don't want to be a complainer.
Days like today make me realize that the rough days are totally worth it.

My kids were so good and cute all day long.
They were loving the warm weather and playing in the backyard.

Ben is in love with this swing.  I would give Jax a turn and the whole time Ben would be standing right in front of the swing crying and saying, "All done.  All done."  So cute.

And, excuse me Jax.  Pants and shoes?  What in the $%&@!!!!!!!
Yes, it truly has been a good day.
Seriously, how could you not want to hangout with these two all day?

And, teh most miraculous thing that happened all day was that both of my boys sat up to the table and ate lunch.  Isn't it pathetic that this is monumental?  Honestly, this NEVER happens.  I can't even think of the last time.  Usually I am chasing them around shoving food in their mouths.  I just sat back in awe.  I HAD to get my camera to document.  If there wasn't proof there is no way Chase would have believed the good news!!
Ah Springtime, please stay.
And then hurry and leave so that it can be summer! :)


karyn said...

wait, did you move? is this old news? I never see you or your car! i'm sorry things have been tough lately. you are a great mom, goldie. i'm glad you had a good day! we are so excited for summer too!

Tim + Katie said...

Such cute boys. I love that you have a tree swing and that Jax is sitting up in the tree. I love your new house and back yard from what I can see in the pictures.

Andrea said...

How is your new house?? So nice to have a backyard and to have some sorta nice weather :) Lets hang out!!!

Julie said...

Yay!!! You have really cute boys! (when did you move???) I feel that our friendship has been neglected, we'd love to hang out!