A Bonk and Some Underwear

Today was a ROUGH day.  For everyone.
The day started out with some tears.  Ben was jumping from the arm of the couch onto the cushion.  He landed on the cushion, bounced forward, and landed forehead first on the corner of my coffee table.

He WAILED.  I freaked.  I was sure I needed to be at the Emergency Room stat.  I called my mom to come over to my house to see if he needed stiches.  But, after about ten minutes, I called my mom off and settled down a bit.

I am still not sure if I should have got it stiched.  But, I didn't.  So, hopefully he doesn't have a gigantic scar that I am responsible for.

Ben kept saying, "Ought oh.  Ought oh."
Soooo mangled.


Jax, oh Jax.  This little kid sure knows how to push me over the edge.  He is hitting a bit of a rough spot right now.  He is so dang cute, but can make me want to climb in a ball and cry sometimes.

Currently, he refuses to wear pants and prefers to have a bare bum.  Sweet.  I took him to Walmart today (in the snow) without pants.  I got some TERRIBLE looks.

Anyway, I thought you needed to see how cute his little body is in his underwear...that he never wears.  Just wore them long enough for me to take a picture.  I had to take 2 because he wasn't really interested in posing in his skivvies for the world wide web.
He seriously looks like a seven year old in this photo.


Jobi Niu said...

Awww, poor Ben! I crap my pants when my Boys split their heads open as well, and the first person I call is my Mom. Haha. Jax is so stinkin cute in his underwear! Bryton refuses to wear pants as well. He'll wear shorts... but its not worth the fight every day. So I let him pretty much choose what he wants to wear.

Kelsey, Greg, and Olivia said...

Poor Ben! I totally freaked out when Liv had to get staples. I think I was crying more than she was. By the way, I love that Jax doesn't want to wear pants. I mean, come on, you can't tell me you wouldn't prefer to go pantsless all the time!