Every year we go to Price the Saturday before Easter for the annual Carlson family Easter party with Chase's family.  This year did not disappoint.  My kids had so much fun!!!

So precious....

Ummm...Ryan, are you in an apron?!!
NUMBERS!!!!  Jax's heaven!
My little Benny-Boo had so much fun having free reign at the church.  He is the most handsome little dude.
I am laughing my head off just looking at this picture.  Chase's poor grandma.  I made her wear one of the headbands we were making.  So funny.  She is such a good sport! :)


a GOOD day

I have been a complainer.
And, I don't want to be a complainer.
Days like today make me realize that the rough days are totally worth it.

My kids were so good and cute all day long.
They were loving the warm weather and playing in the backyard.

Ben is in love with this swing.  I would give Jax a turn and the whole time Ben would be standing right in front of the swing crying and saying, "All done.  All done."  So cute.

And, excuse me Jax.  Pants and shoes?  What in the $%&@!!!!!!!
Yes, it truly has been a good day.
Seriously, how could you not want to hangout with these two all day?

And, teh most miraculous thing that happened all day was that both of my boys sat up to the table and ate lunch.  Isn't it pathetic that this is monumental?  Honestly, this NEVER happens.  I can't even think of the last time.  Usually I am chasing them around shoving food in their mouths.  I just sat back in awe.  I HAD to get my camera to document.  If there wasn't proof there is no way Chase would have believed the good news!!
Ah Springtime, please stay.
And then hurry and leave so that it can be summer! :)


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If you read my post from yesterday, you know that I have been struggling.
To be honest, yesterday was the day from hell that ended the week from hell.
I ended the day in tears while sitting at the kitchen counter with Chase.  These kids of mine are really testing my patience.

But, today has been a new day.  A day that has shown me that I truly am blessed.
Let's just start with my wonderful mom.  After listening to me beg for help with Jax's refusal to wear pants, my mom came up with this little concoction:  

Yes, it is what you think.  Homemade leiderhosen!!  SO funny looking, but was a miracle worker today.  My mom sewed on grosgrain ribbon "leiderhosen" to a few of Jax's shorts and pants.  He then let her put them on.  He kept these bad boys on for like 5 hours today!!!!!  (Please bless this wasn't a one time thing and that he wears them again tomorrow.)

Today has definitely been the rainbow after the storm.  I was seriously about to pack my bags and move to Tahiti yesterday.  I couldn't do it.  I literally was a failure as a mother.  My kids are unruly.  I am impatient, and we were all miserable.

Two nights ago my prayers consisted of begging for help with Jax.  Period.  No other topics were even approached because figuring this little guy out literally takes over my every thought.  I begged Heavenly Father for help.  How can I make him wear pants?  How can I reason with him?  What do I do?  Is this seriously what my life is?  Does anyone even care that my kids are the hardest kids in the world?  Does anyone care that I really don't think I can ever have a third child because I really feel like I am failing?

Well, today was a true testimony that prayers are answered.  He really does care about my current issue with Jax and his pants.  He really does care about my minor day-to-day struggles.  After posting last night about Jax, I got so many people calling me, texting me, and even two letters that just so happened to show up today in regards to my struggles.  How amazing is that?  

Today I truly have felt that Heavenly Father knows that I haven't been dealt the easiest hand, and that He is going to help me with it.  When I got one particular letter in the mail today I couldn't help but cry through the entire thing.  It had been sent to me a week ago.  It was like Heavenly Father knew that in a week I was going to pray BEGGING Him to rescue me and that this letter needed to be ready and in my mailbox the next morning to tell me that I haven't been sent the issues I have without help.  Honestly, I have never felt so clearly that He was there.  It was like He was telling me, "Goldie, relax.  I know what I have given you to deal with.  And, I know you can do it.  I am not going to leave you hanging in your trials.  We can be a team.  I am going to help you AND I have given you so many people in your life that are going to help with this."

I can't even remember the wonderful experiences I have had today without tears rolling down my cheeks.  For those of you who called, texted, sent mail (days ago), or even commented THANK YOU.  You have no idea, but you have been the answer to my desperate prayers this week.

And, my mother-in-law and mom have also come running to the rescue.  My mom has been busily working up crazy things on the sewing machine and bringing me a million supplies to try.  My mother-in-law has seriously spent hours online reading articles and getting information for me.  How is it possible that I have been given all of this when only 2 days ago I prayed with a broken heart for any type of help.

I could preach to you all day long that someone is listening when we pray, but it is days like today that teach me that all of the "stuff" I have been taught my whole life is true.  We all have trials.  And, they suck.  I am not going to sugar coat it one little bit.  And, I know that my trials are not any harder than anyone else's, but when the trial is yours,  it seems larger than life.  We all have crap, just different shovels.

Today has been a good day.

Well, it seems that this blog has turned into "Chronicles of a Mom With Hard Kids That Just Can't Hack It", but I think I need to post a few pictures to prove that everything is okay.  I am going to survive (I think).  And, as hard as my kids are, they are the cutest little dudes!!!


house arrest

I have been on house arrest.  Literally.


Last week Jax decided that he no longer will wear pants.  Period.  No exceptions.  He throws the BIGGEST fit you have ever seen if you have the nerve to try and get him in pants.  It doesn’t matter what I try – jeans, corduroys, shorts, athletic pants, pajama pants, sweats, sweatshorts. I have tried them all.

Needless to say, we haven’t been going anywhere.  It is just weird to  go out into public with a 3 year old who isn’t wearing bottoms.


In November of last year Jax decided that he wasn’t going to wear shoes anymore.  Pretty awesome decision right as winter is starting.  We did, however, find one pair of Vans that he would wear on very rare occasions.  But, I moved from, “He has to wear shoes,” to, “If he ever wears shoes – even for 2 minutes – we are moving in the right direction.”  Not wearing shoes was annoying.  We didn’t play in the snow at all last winter.  We didn’t really go outside at all to avoid frostbite.  And no, putting him outside in socks when it was freezing didn’t make him want shoes.  He just happily ran through the snow in wet socks.


Well, I thought that was bad.  Little did I know it was going to get a lot worse.  This pants thing is KILLING me.  I seriously feel like someone put an ankle bracelet tracker on me and told me I couldn’t leave my house.  Thank goodness it is warm enough to play in the backyard without pants (sorta). 


Did I mention that when Jax went to school on Friday he showed up without pants on.  Sweet.  And, by some miracle we got pants on him Sunday to go to church.  But, he quickly realized that he had them on and freaked.  He ripped them off as I was wrestling him to the ground.  Let’s just say we immediately got in the car and left.  We can go nowhere.  Not even church.


I am not sure how much more of this I can take.


So, I am needing some serious help.  What in the world do I do?  Nothing works.  He won’t put them on if I do the, “You can’t do this until you put your pants on.”  Timeout doesn’t do it.  A wrestling match that leaves me sweating and crying has failed to.  So, who is the occupational therapist out there who can solve this one?


A Bonk and Some Underwear

Today was a ROUGH day.  For everyone.
The day started out with some tears.  Ben was jumping from the arm of the couch onto the cushion.  He landed on the cushion, bounced forward, and landed forehead first on the corner of my coffee table.

He WAILED.  I freaked.  I was sure I needed to be at the Emergency Room stat.  I called my mom to come over to my house to see if he needed stiches.  But, after about ten minutes, I called my mom off and settled down a bit.

I am still not sure if I should have got it stiched.  But, I didn't.  So, hopefully he doesn't have a gigantic scar that I am responsible for.

Ben kept saying, "Ought oh.  Ought oh."
Soooo mangled.


Jax, oh Jax.  This little kid sure knows how to push me over the edge.  He is hitting a bit of a rough spot right now.  He is so dang cute, but can make me want to climb in a ball and cry sometimes.

Currently, he refuses to wear pants and prefers to have a bare bum.  Sweet.  I took him to Walmart today (in the snow) without pants.  I got some TERRIBLE looks.

Anyway, I thought you needed to see how cute his little body is in his underwear...that he never wears.  Just wore them long enough for me to take a picture.  I had to take 2 because he wasn't really interested in posing in his skivvies for the world wide web.
He seriously looks like a seven year old in this photo.


Roen's Birthday Party

My nephew, Roen, turns 5 this week.  He had a killer birthday party to celebrate.
He has been so excited about it and really concerned about making sure Jax and Ben got him a gift.  And, I feel very proud to say that the Iron Hide (Transformer jargon) we got him was basically his favorite gift!!!! 
*Last year when he opened my gift for him - Ironman paraphernalia - he started crying and told me that the gift was a garbage gift.  So this year I took special care when getting his present. :) 
So, all 100 kids that Mr. Roen knows showed up ready to party.
And, of course Jax and Ben were on the VIP guest list.
"A baby!!! A baby!!"  Ben couldn't resist.  He had to make his way into Holden's car seat for a little love.
These two little cousins are only 3 months apart and could probably pass as twins.
PS I am so grateful they aren't twins.  Not because I don't love Char, but I am pretty sure I would be in a mental hospital by now if I had three kids ages 2 and 3!!!
Piniata!!!!!!  Nothing makes a party like scrounging through the piniata candy.  Jax wasn't the best at this.  He couldn't wait to eat the candy so he'd have to eat each piece before he would pick up another.  Which, left him with a small pile since all the other greedy kids grabbed it all!!
Milo is seriously amazing.  He makes me laugh just looking at him.  He is so cute.
And, the birthday boy himself.  Of course his party was all things Transformer.  He wouldn't have it any other way.
The sun is obviously a little too bright for Benny-boo.  This was probably his fifth or sixth cupcake..
Jax on the other hand wanted nothing to do with the cupcakes.  He just kept refilling his one cupcake with more frosting.  A boy after my own heart!
All the peeps at the cupcake decorating table.
Ben and Char diggin'
Jax thought this gigantic sandbox was the best thing ever!!

Happy Birthday to the dude that made me an aunt.

PSS We missed you Katie!!!!!! (And Zac) :(