st. george

Three weeks ago we packed our bags and headed toward some outside weather.  Jax and Ben couldn't have been happier to take the road trip.  Sadly, Chase couldn't miss work to join us.  My whole family went to St. George for Stockton's baseball tourney.
Two ear aches can really put a damper on a vacation.  My poor little Benny Boo had a rough few days on this trip.  His fever was unreal.  It was the saddest thing ever.
Best bud brothers.  I couldn't be happier that these two little dudes have each other.  I am so happy that Heavenly Father is smarter than me.  I would have never planned these little guys so close together.  But, He knew how much they needed each other.
I LOVE that Jax is now aware when the camera is taking a picture of him.  SO dang cute!!
ALright, this next picture might make you wonder about my parenting skills.  Jax loved nothing more than climbing on top of my car.  He would run out of our house and head straight for the car.  

These little boys seriously thought they had found heaven on earth with weather nice enough to play outside and all the shovels they could handle.  After hours of this sand digging I called Chase and told him I thought we should move to St. George.  And, I was serious.  These long winter months are seriously hard for my kids.  They are so sick of being cooped up inside.  This was a much needed trip.  Spring better hurry, hurry, hurry!!!


Jeff and Brandi said...

Fun! I need to get out of here. We hate winter! So I totally know how you feel with the night working business. When I get home at 7 am all the neighbors are out for their morning run all chipper... Makes you want to slap them all as you fall into bed for a measly 2 hrs of sleep! Haha!

Lou said...

What if you seriously moved down here? OH, the possibilities are endless...

Tell Chase we're Jazz and Cougs fans down here too! I'll start looking for places ASAP.

You look great. Boys are beautiful. We need to catch up.

**one more thing. Easy post at 6:00 AM!

Jonny and Suzette Baird said...

Goldie, it looks like a lot of fun minus Jax being sick. I seriously thought about moving down there too, just recently. It's just hard in Utah in Feb, March and half of April. But, I don't think I could leave family. I love that your boys are so close in age and loved what you said about them and what good little buddies they are. They are going to go through life with each other right by their side and I think that is so wonderful. I LOVE your car too, those are really sweet lookin. You look beautiful as usual.

Austin and Andrea said...

looks so fun. i miss you guys. i haven't seen your boys forever, and they look soooo big!!!!!!

Heather Lee said...

k him on top of the car is just post winter picture perfect. That's exactly how I feel, so ready to get out that I could climb cars and slide down windshields.
The photo of your two boys in bed is precious. They look so much alike.
And I love Jax pausing for the camera, he's a cutie pie.