night owl

I am sooooo glad the last two weeks are over.  I have gained a whole new respect for working moms.  I started a new job at a residential treatment center and have been working non kid-friendly hours.   My kids have been thrown around to their grandmas way too much.

But, I am happy to say those 2 weeks are over, and I will be able to be a mom again.  My schedule will be much more kid friendly.  And, when I say that I mean that I will be working when they sleep.  Crazy.  It is even  crazier than you think.  While you are catching a good night’s rest, I will be working away.  But, treatment for mental illness and addiction works around the clock. J

I am at work right now….4:27am.  I am freaking tired!!  I sure hope that I can get use to this craziness.  But, I will say that, for me, it is better than having people watch my kids every single day. 

I have so much respect for working moms.  I am not quite sure how they do it.  You should see my kitchen.  I am pretty sure there is not a clean dish to be seen.  And, if you want something for dinner my kitchen is the WRONG place for you these last 2 weeks.  And, let’s not even talk about clean clothes.  My laundry room is a war zone.

How in the blankity blank do moms work all day, take care of their kids, and keep things together at home?  Poor Chase.  I am sure he is wondering how we are even living in such conditions!!!   I have seriously felt like an absentee mother these last two weeks.  Perhaps other working moms can hack it, but man it has been rough for me.

Those 2 weeks have come to a blessed end.  I couldn’t be happier.  And, I can only imagine how Chase is feeling. :)   Now I just need to figure out this whole sleeping business.  I sure hope I don’t start hallucinating with this lack of sleep….


Julie said...

Holy moly, you are a trooper!! And I agree, better to be with your kids!!! You'll adjust, and I'm sure you won't hallucinate "too bad" :)

Colby & Amanda said...

Hang in there:) It is so worth it to be home with your kiddos. I know I went insane when I worked the first year of Kades life! I am now working from home too in the night so if you ever need help staying awake I will prob be up too:)Good luck I am sure your body will ajust! It has no choice:)