not my best day

Today has probably been my worst day ever as a mom.  Hands down.  Honestly, if you feel the need to call DCFS after reading this post, more power to ya. 

It all started with me working last night.  I work the graveyard shift a mere 3 nights a week.  Just enough to feel like a real person who is contributing to society, but small enough to still be a full-time stay-at-home momma to my babies.  I got home from work and got to sleep for 2 hours before Chase left to work.  Then, I got up and started my daily mom duties.  Fed everyone breakfast.  Got my kids clean and dressed for the day.  Well, kinda.  It took like 2 hours to convince Jax that he needed to wear pants.  After I cleaned up the crazy messes that happen in my family room in just a few short hours of playing, I fed my kids lunch and got Jax ready to hit the road for school.

Jax just started to ride the bus this week.  I have been taking him, but decided to give the bus a try.  So, the bus arrived and we ran out and off he went.  I went back inside and got Ben a dry, clean little bum and put him down for a nap.  Since I had only slept 2 hours in the last 24, I, too, had to use Jax's preschool time to sleep.  I set my alarm for 2:45pm so I had time to get Ben up and ready, get to Jax's school to get him and meet my mom and Amber.  I even set my alarm a few minutes early because today was going to be the first day Jax rode the bus home.  But, I needed to get somewhere quickly after school so, I had to be there before the little guy hopped on the bus.

I jumped in my bed and was no doubt asleep in 30 seconds flat.  Staying up all night long will do that to ya.  Next thing I know, I hear a loud knock at my door.  I jump up, and the first thing I see is the clock.  5:00 pm!  HOLY $%^@!!!!!!!!!  I sprint to the door and there is Jax's afternoon Bus driver.  He then went on to tell me that he got lost trying to find my place and kept calling me, but I didn't answer.  (....I was totally sleeping instead of being at the police station wondering why in the world my 3 year old wasn't home an hour and a half after school got out!!!!)  Really, I should have been at the police station trying to get an Amber Alert rolling.

I probably apologized to the bus driver 1,000 times as we walked out to the bus to get poor little Jax, who had been harnessed into the bus for over an hour!!  The poor little dude was sooooo excited to see me and be freed from the bus.  I have never felt so bad in my life!  The bus driver had seriously been driving around for an hour trying to find where to drop Jax off.  And, what was I doing?  Snoozing!  Seriously?

Everything just worked out as terribly as it could have today.  My phone was still on silent from work and all the way out in the kitchen.  My mom and Amber had both called me like 20 times.  The bus driver had been calling.  Chase had called.  My alarm was set correctly and didn't go off.  Ben, who usually takes a 2 or so hour nap and could be considered a back-up alarm, slept for 5 HOURS and never woke me up.  He's never done that in his entire life. Oh. My. Gosh!!!!!!!

So, needless to say my day was pretty out of control.  I just couldn't really get control the rest of the day.  I seriously couldn't calm down from the panic attack I felt when I woke up to the bus driver banging down my door and seeing 5pm on my clock.  I had a visiting teaching appointment at 6:30pm that I totally forgot to show up to.  I am actually back at work right now and haven't brushed my hair, changed my shirt, or put on an ounce of makeup since yesterday.  Would you please find me a life coach?!

Anyway, I am so relieved to say that my kids are still alive.  Jax made it home from school safe and sound.  I, on the other hand, just might get fired from my job as  a mom.



Honestly, if you are not laughing a little inside by the sight of this photo, I am just not sure what else I can do for you.
So funny!  Jax has this little tramp in his room and thinks that the best way to jump is butt naked.  Duh!
{You are so welcome for the edit.}
These two brothers are the best.  It is so crazy how babies grow so fast and then slow down a little.  These two besties are 16 months apart and are starting to look like the same size.
...wait, doesn that have something to do with my 3 year old chugging away at a bottle?  don't judge...
Ben is a pro at feeding himself (on the days he decides to eat).  He doesn't want help.
He can do it all by his self - so back off!!!


FlowerBomb Designs

So, rumor has it that YOU have been really sad that FlowerBomb Designs took a little leave of absence.  My apologies.

BUT, we are back in business...literally.  So, be sure to visit my blog


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I hate to admit it, but I LOVE The Bachelor.
Never miss an episode.
And, I hope Emily wins.

So, quick question.
Anyone have any tips on how I can morph my face and body into hers.
Shouldn't be too hard...right...


st. george

Three weeks ago we packed our bags and headed toward some outside weather.  Jax and Ben couldn't have been happier to take the road trip.  Sadly, Chase couldn't miss work to join us.  My whole family went to St. George for Stockton's baseball tourney.
Two ear aches can really put a damper on a vacation.  My poor little Benny Boo had a rough few days on this trip.  His fever was unreal.  It was the saddest thing ever.
Best bud brothers.  I couldn't be happier that these two little dudes have each other.  I am so happy that Heavenly Father is smarter than me.  I would have never planned these little guys so close together.  But, He knew how much they needed each other.
I LOVE that Jax is now aware when the camera is taking a picture of him.  SO dang cute!!
ALright, this next picture might make you wonder about my parenting skills.  Jax loved nothing more than climbing on top of my car.  He would run out of our house and head straight for the car.  

These little boys seriously thought they had found heaven on earth with weather nice enough to play outside and all the shovels they could handle.  After hours of this sand digging I called Chase and told him I thought we should move to St. George.  And, I was serious.  These long winter months are seriously hard for my kids.  They are so sick of being cooped up inside.  This was a much needed trip.  Spring better hurry, hurry, hurry!!!

night owl

I am sooooo glad the last two weeks are over.  I have gained a whole new respect for working moms.  I started a new job at a residential treatment center and have been working non kid-friendly hours.   My kids have been thrown around to their grandmas way too much.

But, I am happy to say those 2 weeks are over, and I will be able to be a mom again.  My schedule will be much more kid friendly.  And, when I say that I mean that I will be working when they sleep.  Crazy.  It is even  crazier than you think.  While you are catching a good night’s rest, I will be working away.  But, treatment for mental illness and addiction works around the clock. J

I am at work right now….4:27am.  I am freaking tired!!  I sure hope that I can get use to this craziness.  But, I will say that, for me, it is better than having people watch my kids every single day. 

I have so much respect for working moms.  I am not quite sure how they do it.  You should see my kitchen.  I am pretty sure there is not a clean dish to be seen.  And, if you want something for dinner my kitchen is the WRONG place for you these last 2 weeks.  And, let’s not even talk about clean clothes.  My laundry room is a war zone.

How in the blankity blank do moms work all day, take care of their kids, and keep things together at home?  Poor Chase.  I am sure he is wondering how we are even living in such conditions!!!   I have seriously felt like an absentee mother these last two weeks.  Perhaps other working moms can hack it, but man it has been rough for me.

Those 2 weeks have come to a blessed end.  I couldn’t be happier.  And, I can only imagine how Chase is feeling. :)   Now I just need to figure out this whole sleeping business.  I sure hope I don’t start hallucinating with this lack of sleep….