My boys have a new love.  The computer.  Because both of them are o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with Mickey Mouse I have found some online Mickey Mouse games and they are SOLD!!

Jax jumps up and down, is a pro at knowing when to click the mouse, and laughs so hard when he does it right.

Ben is trying to be part of it which is amazing.  He yells out the characters names when they show up on the screen and tries to click.  It is so cute!!

Here is the URL if you have a little Mickey lover:

The two favorites in Ben's life:  Mickey Mouse and suckers!!  Perfect morning.

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Colby & Amanda said...

your little kidlets are so cute! We do need to hang out I think Kade would have a blas with Jax and Ben too!! Call me and maybe we can go to Kangaroo zoo or somethin soon for reals:) 3803240!