celebrating three

We did a lot of celebrating today for Jax's third birthday.
Here is the photo recap.

The day started with presents.  Due to his love for Mickey Mouse all gifts were related to Mickey in one way or another.  And, Jax couldn't have been more pleased.  Ben was in heaven, too.  He thought it was his birthday too.
Then, we were off to Kangaroo Zoo - Jax's favorite place on the planet.  I actually love it too.  My kids can run wild, and I am not worried about losing someone.  We all win!   After Kangaroo Zoo we went to lunch at Jax's favorite place...McDonalds.  Please don't hate me for letting my children eat McDonald.  Don't worry we try to go the the very least amount possible.

Now, prepare yourself for what comes next.  Chase just couldn't resist the special they had going on and we left with this PAIL of 50 NUGGETS!!!!  Oh boy....
After Kangaroo Zoo we came home for Ben to take a nap.  Since Jax hates nothing more than a nap, he played some computer games (Mickey Mouse obviously) with Chase.  He LOVES the games on the Disney website.  He is a pro at clicking the mouse.
When Ben woke up from his nap our day of partying convinced him that he could do whatever he wanted....
Next, it was off to celebrate with some family and cake.

While I hope I'm not enabling a pyromaniac, Jax LOVES these lighters!!
He had a crowd of people facing him and singing.  It was a little much at first, but he came around. :)
Have your cake, and eat it too!

Gifts!!  This car launcher was probably the highlight of the night.  The only negative on this one is that I am pretty sure we have to go buy another one because Ben flips out that he can't have it.  Two kids = two of everything.
Happy Birthday Jax - you BIG three year old!!!!


Jobi Niu said...

K, how freaking CUTE are your Jax & Ben?? LIL STUDS!! Birthday's are SO fun for little kids, I love it!

Jonny and Suzette Baird said...

Goldie you look so beautiful! Oh and of course happy birthday to that cute boy Jax. I am dying for one of those cake balls right about now (it was one of my new years goal to stop eating oreo cake balls) ya right I kept that one :)
But seriously Goldie you look like a million bucks, your hair is amazing and so freaking long all the sudden? Rogain?

Love you!

Julie said...

Holy cow! He is adorable, we seriously need to see you guys more often! Mike gets so excited when McDonalds does deals like that. I always have to beg him to not get it, because there is only 2 of us and we just can't eat that many! Looks like it was a super fun day for Jax!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh! I saw the header for this post and thought you were announcing something! :) It looks like Jax had such a fun day. I can't believe how fast time flies!