Nordstrom Knock-off


Leonora Dame Fabric & Bead Bib Necklace

I immediately thought, I can totally make that.  I hate that I think like that.  Usually when I make something it doesn't work out quite as planned and pretty much looks like a craft.  But, I decided to give it a try.

Now, I will admit that it is nowhere near as cute as the Nordstrom necklace.  BUT, I didn't buy anything to make it.  I saw the magazine and thought, I am going to try and make that tonight.  So, I just used whatever I already had to see if it worked out at all.  If I did it again, I would buy some super cute embellishments two-toned ribbon, and I am sure that it would would be a little closer to Nordstrom caliber.  But, for just using whatever random stuff I had on hand, it isn't too bad.



My boys have a new love.  The computer.  Because both of them are o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with Mickey Mouse I have found some online Mickey Mouse games and they are SOLD!!

Jax jumps up and down, is a pro at knowing when to click the mouse, and laughs so hard when he does it right.

Ben is trying to be part of it which is amazing.  He yells out the characters names when they show up on the screen and tries to click.  It is so cute!!

Here is the URL if you have a little Mickey lover:

The two favorites in Ben's life:  Mickey Mouse and suckers!!  Perfect morning.



Today was that day.  The day every mom dreads.
The first day of school.  The day your baby is no longer a baby.
Oh. My. Gosh.
I can't believe it.  And, I am so sad.
But, he did look adorable for his first day.  This little cutie is bound to make a friend, right?
Ben wasn't sad that Jax was going to school.  He was just sad that his mom wanted to take pictures instead of letting him go outside.  Poor little Ben HATES winter.

Jax wouldn't put his shoes on, naturally.  However, when we got to his school he let me put them on him.  Yahoo!!!  
We walked in and every kid was obediently sitting on the carpet squares looking bright eyed at the teacher.  Jax, on the other hand, wouldn't sit down and was happily playing in the toy corner.

I put his backpack and jacket in his cubby and left.  He didn't cry.  He was fine.  Duh, it was a room full of new toys!!  However, I got back in my car and bawled.  I hate today!  I sure hope the little guy does alright.


celebrating three

We did a lot of celebrating today for Jax's third birthday.
Here is the photo recap.

The day started with presents.  Due to his love for Mickey Mouse all gifts were related to Mickey in one way or another.  And, Jax couldn't have been more pleased.  Ben was in heaven, too.  He thought it was his birthday too.
Then, we were off to Kangaroo Zoo - Jax's favorite place on the planet.  I actually love it too.  My kids can run wild, and I am not worried about losing someone.  We all win!   After Kangaroo Zoo we went to lunch at Jax's favorite place...McDonalds.  Please don't hate me for letting my children eat McDonald.  Don't worry we try to go the the very least amount possible.

Now, prepare yourself for what comes next.  Chase just couldn't resist the special they had going on and we left with this PAIL of 50 NUGGETS!!!!  Oh boy....
After Kangaroo Zoo we came home for Ben to take a nap.  Since Jax hates nothing more than a nap, he played some computer games (Mickey Mouse obviously) with Chase.  He LOVES the games on the Disney website.  He is a pro at clicking the mouse.
When Ben woke up from his nap our day of partying convinced him that he could do whatever he wanted....
Next, it was off to celebrate with some family and cake.

While I hope I'm not enabling a pyromaniac, Jax LOVES these lighters!!
He had a crowd of people facing him and singing.  It was a little much at first, but he came around. :)
Have your cake, and eat it too!

Gifts!!  This car launcher was probably the highlight of the night.  The only negative on this one is that I am pretty sure we have to go buy another one because Ben flips out that he can't have it.  Two kids = two of everything.
Happy Birthday Jax - you BIG three year old!!!!


THREE years ago today this little baby came to our family.
He was the most beautiful little dude with a full head of white hair.
The months and years have flown by.  Really, I can't believe we are already here.  Starting school in just THREE days.
This squishy little guy has changed my life forever.  He has taught me so much more in these last THREE years than I would have ever guessed.  This parenting thing isn't for the faint of heart.  He has also brought so much life and happiness into our family.
I never knew that one could love Mickey Mouse so much.  And, I am pretty sure that on his death bed Jax is going to ask for a nice order of chicken nuggets.  There is not a THREE year old on the planet who is better with numbers, counting, colors, organizing or collecting than my little Jax.
I hate that my little baby is growing up so fast.  Time really does fly.  I honestly can't believe that I am here.  That I have a THREE year old.  I love this crazy little guy more than he knows.  Happy Birthday baby boy.