We've Adopted!!!

We have THREE new family members!
Mickey, Donald and Goofy!!!

I went into the Disney store this week with Jax and Ben.  Oh boy, that was a mistake.  I was there for one hour and went to the cash register 4 different times.  Jax just couldn't decide what he wanted.  So, I bought stuff then he would change his mind, and I would have to go back to the register to return the previous thing and buy the newest toy he wanted.

After 4 trips to the register we left with Mickey, Donald and Goofy stuffed animals.  In the store I handed him him Daisy, Minnie and Pluto, but he chucked them.  He only wanted Mickey, Donald, and Pluto.  He hugged them the whole rest of the day, and they have been traveling with us wherever we go.

Here Ben is admiring the new friends...Jax was alseep.  That is the only reason Ben got to even touch these guys. :)

Seriously, these guys go everywhere with Jax.  So cute!!!

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