Crafting - Starburst Mirror

In case you weren't aware, I have joined the world of crafting.  I never thought I could hang there, but I am stuck!  I spend WAYYYYY too much time looking at craft blogs.  Really.  But, I thought I would share my latest endeavor. 

My $6 version of the starburst mirror.

Check out the tutorial here.
Super easy! :)


The Sundstrom's said...

WOW! That is so cute! Girl, I am stuck there too! If someone would have told us that crafting was in our futures, we would have laughed!!!! But I love it! We need to get together! The kids would love to play and we could CRAFT!

the dunns said...

I am still super impressed with those pillows!!!

Lyssa said...

Ya it is so addicting. That turned out really cute!