Christmas 2011

This is going to be the ultimate worst Christmas post ever.  I left my camera at my aunt's house (that is 40 minutes away) 2 days before Christmas.  I was sooooo sad.  So, I have just stolen a few pictures from my family that contain my kids.  Sorry Jax and Ben, but not a single picture of you guys opening gifts this year.

The annual grandkid Christmas pajama photo.
Where is the world are all the girls???  Katie is pregnant so, perhaps she will bring the first granddaughter to the family.  As you can see, Jax was so not wanting to have to stand still for a picture.  Or, put on the sweats.  When has he ever cooperated?  Why start now?

So, I have to post some pictures of my cute nieces (Gunderson side - girls are only found there).  I made Char and Stella these adorable Christmas outfits.  

This mop bucket was the coveted toy at Grandma Gunderson's house on both Christmas Eve and Christmas.  The kids wanted to cart it around and push each other in it.  Ben and Char in action.

The only photo that proves that Chase and I experienced Christmas 2011.  Why am I so NOT surprised that Chase isn't looking at the camera and is checking sports scores at the dinner table.  I HATE Internet on phones!!!!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

BTW, my Christmas decor was 100% down and put away by noon on December 26th.  My house was starting to look like it was next in line on "Hoarders" with all the toys AND decorations everywhere.  Bring on Spring!


Ugly Sweaters Take Two

We had a second night of ugly sweaters with the Gunderson clan.  Sadly, I wasn't up for recreating our ugly sweater look so, Chase and I repeated.  So sorry.

But, before we get into the ugliness, let's look at how cute my niece Stella is.  That baby girl is ONE!  As you can tell by my nephew Chance in the background, the boys all broke into the cupcakes early!
Annnnddddd, the ugly sweaters!!!
Drum roll please....
Drew (tied with Chase, who would not pose for a solo shot) won UGLIEST!!!
Drew's lit up.  Amazing.  However, he was attached to the wall and could only travel as far as his extension cord would reach. hahahahaha


Santa, Santa HO HO HO

Every year Chase's Grandpa Carlson dresses up like Santa for the kids.  Last year Jax was scared.  This year Ben was traumatized.

This photo shows Ben's reaction perfectly.  It is a little deceiving for Jax though.  Jax wanted to sit on Santa's lap and would just stare at his face.  It was so funny.  This picture is after he had to sit still for like 2 minutes.  He needed to be freed!!

It is probably rude that we kept trying to put Ben on Santa's lap, but it was a must.  He kept saying,"Where's Santa? Santa is home," through his tears after he left.  He woke up 6 times that night crying.  Poor baby.  Enjoy.

Skye, Paul and Chance
Chance didn't like Santa either.

Ugly Sweater Night

It's the most wonderful time of the year!


Thanksgiving 2011

This year we had Thanksgiving at my parents' house. I hadn't eaten one single thing the entire day before dinner.  Some people say that is a bad idea, but I beg to differ.  My dinner tasted AMAZING!  I am kind of thinking the food was the best ever for Thanksgiving.  And no, I will not tell you how many rolls I ate...Mind your own business!! :)
Our little family.
I can't believe how fast time flies.  Chase and I are getting into the adult/parent group and my kids are not babies.
Jax and Ben couldn't have cared less about dinner - Jax ate a peanut butter sandwich and Ben insisted on some nuggets.  They did, however, really care about the tramp.

My nephews Roen and Milo had to take a break from the tramp to play some Angry Birds on the iPad.  What?  You don't have an iPad for your 5 and 3 year old??

This Thanksgiving was wonderful.  Like I said before, my food was seriously de-lish.  However, I am proud to say I didn't make myself sick.  That's not to say I didn't eat much - I just spaced it out over 5 hours. :)  Chase, on the other hand, was laying on the floor by about 7pm claiming that there was no way he could move a single inch.   I guess that means his dinner was a success.

I felt so blessed and thankful this Thanksgiving.  I am so thankful for my little family.  After having a  family of my own my testimony of the importance of the family has really grown.  I am so thankful for my two little boys.  They are my best buds.  And, I can't even describe how thankful I am for Chase.  I'll spare you all from listening to me go on and on about him, but really he is the best.

Such a wonderful thing - a holiday to remember all of my blessings.


crazy kiddies

I was just looking through my camera pictures and realized that my little boys are crazy animals. They are at the cutest ages right now - 2 and 3.  They have turned into little people.

Ben has seriously been so happy about all the toy ads that have been coming out.  The huge ToysRUs book really got him.  He LOVES looking through the toy ads that come in the mail.
My crazy Jax...I love this boy so much.  There is NEVER a dull moment with this guy.  This is the HUGE grin that comes from jumping from couch to couch.
Ben has turned into a parrot.  He repeats everything.  He was trying to feed mickey some cheese in this picture.  He was saying, "Mickey, have a bite!!!"  He got so frustrated that Mickey wouldn't take a bite that he started crying.  Hilarious.
Ben has found true love with his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stuffed animals.
Jax had the brilliant idea of bringing a tube with him into the tub.  Ben, of course, immediately needed one too.  These two have quickly taught me that I have to buy two of EVERYTHING.
Once again Ben with his Disney buddies.
Last Saturday was a treat.  I undressed my boys to put them in the tub.  After I undressed Jax, he sprinted away.  I couldn't find him to put him in the tub.  To my surprise, I found him streaking in the backyard.
I was yelling for him to come in because it was freezing, but he had no idea that snow was cold.  He was grinning ear to ear.
End of November and he is still rocking his summer tan line.
Jax and I then fought for about 30 minutes about him going outside.  I told him he couldn't go outside without pants and shoes.  His coat was as far as we got.  Needless to say, he didn't get to go play in the snow.
Ben, on the other hand, gladly geared up for the backyard.
Having two boys 16 months apart almost put me in the hospital for the first year of Ben's life.  It has recently gotten much more fun.  However, if you see me in a public place with these crazies you may beg to differ.  They are running and I am PERMANENTLY sprinting to make sure that I don't lose someone.  But, I promise the insanity you see now when I take these two anywhere is nothing compared to a year ago! :)


Halloween 2011

Halloween never disppoints. Although my belly still hurts from the 3 bowls of chili, pumpkin cheesecake, ice cream, candy, and 2 rolls I ate, it was fun.

This picture is out of order, but I am not a blogger expert so deal with it.  My little Jax on Halloween morning wearing his skeleton costume.  I made this costume because Jax is so particular about his clothes.  I knew that he wasn't going to allow me to put some crazy costume on him.  So, I had to figure out a way to have him still wear "normal" clothes.  And, STRETCH PANTS, obviously - his personal fave.

He was way too busy getting in his share of Disney Junior before school to look at me, but he is one handsome skeleton.

Our Halloween started with a party at Jimmy and Linzi's.  They have our friends' Halloween party every year.  And, every year I am anxious to see their costumes because they are always so cute.  
Chase was asked if he was "THE MASK" from last season of the Bachelorette.  So funny!  I wish we would have been that witty.  But, he is zorro.  
After school we went for a little Halloween fun at my parents' house.  (Where I ate 3 bowls of chili...it was in a 5 hour span.  Does that make it any better?)

My boys are going to be devastated when it gets too cold to go outside.  They can play on the tramp and swing set for hours.

Ben makes me smile.  He is my one and only sidekick while Jax is at school.  Cutest little guy. 
And sadly, he isn't so little anymore.  By the looks of his size I think it is time for baby number three.  (I am dying for baby #3, but not only does Chase say no - he says hell no.)

Jax thought getting tickled on these monkey bars was cooler than Disneyland.  And check out Ben's moves in the background. :)
Happy Halloween 2011!!!


Back in Business

It is no surprise that no one is checking up on my blog.  Why in the world would you?  There is nothing new ever.  But, it is time to get back in business.  However, with such a long gap in posting comes a random update.

In regular fall fashion we went to HeeHaw Farms.  We went the first day they were open, at the exact opening time.  We were the only ones there!!  Amazing!  The kiddies got all the train riding, horse riding, corn digging, and chicken chasing they could handle.

Katie and Timmy were in town so Zac got to chill with the cousins.  Roen and Milo were also in on the fun.
Lucky for Chase he got the job of entering the animal area with Ben.  I was not interested.  I was scared a chicken was going to peck me!

Pretty much all the time we are just parents.  Our kids are young and wild.  We are always chasing one or dragging the other.  Pictures like these remind me that we are still a couple.  I hate that it is easy to forget that and just be in parent mode.  But, Chase is pretty cute so I'll take it.
Luckily there was no one at HeeHaw Farms because Ben refused to get off the horse.  Literally.  He threw the biggest fit if you tried to take him off.  So, he took quite a few extra laps.
Jax LOVES animals but DOES NOT want to touch them.  I was sure there was no chance that he was going to get on the horse.  But, he jumped right on!
The corn "sandbox" was a dream come true for Jax.

With Jax gone all day at school Ben has started a loving relationship with his trains.  All day long.  Choo choo.  How many times does he say that a day??  A million!  Cutie!!
And, with Jax gone Ben has become attached to me.  I think I now have an extra limb.  I took this picture to show what my view is at all times of the day.  This little guy is clinging to my leg.  No we aren't out in public and he is trying not to get lost.  We are just in the kitchen.  He is a mother boy!
This month Chase turned 28.  For some reason, he hates his birthday.  He doesn't like all attention to be focused on him, and I think the quick approach to 30 has him shakin' in his boots.  But alas, we celebrated.
Happy Birthday to my best bud and the love of my life!!