Hansen Family Christmas Party

Last night was the annual Hansen Family Shindig.  Thanks to I-15 we were an hour late, but other than that it was a par-tay.
Me, my momma, my grandma and my sisters:)
My mom, me, Katie, Chey, Amber, and Grandma Hansen
These two little cousins are best buds.  They just follow each other around.  AMAZING.
Milo and Ben.
And here Ben and Milo are again.  Chase is keeping the playing from escalating to fighting.
Man did my little boys love Cyd and Dave's unfinished basement.  Room to fun wild!!!  And yes, Jax found every tool or dangerous item down there.
Some of my fam.
Lynn, Kurt, Chey, Stock, Tim, Zac, Katie, Maren, B
My cousin Colter dressed-up as Santa, and it was amazing!!
I showed this picture to Chase and told him that I was sending this solo shot of me and Santa out for our family Christmas card. ha ha :)
Chase tried to force Jax on Santa's lap.  Jax was NOT having it.  I am not even sure his little bum touched that red velvet.
Sadly, I think this is the most priceless photo with Santa.  I'm pretty sure every kid is terrified of the man!!
(Especially when you have a hunchback Santa like Colter! ha ha ha)
Our little family.


Kenneth said...
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Kenneth said...

It's nice to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones and it's nice to see how happy you guys are celebrating Christmas with the entire clan. Last Christmas, we also had a party with my wife's friends. We've just gone partying and get ourselves drunk the whole night in our home not knowing that some of my wife's friends began to puke on our carpeted floors. That's why the next day, we asked for some help to shops who does some carpet cleaning (Cypress, TX) and let them do the carpet cleaning. (Sugar Land). So I think next Christmas, we still want to celebrate it here in our home because we now know who's gonna handle the after cleaning stuff.