FIve GrandSONS

My mom and dad have 5 grandSONS.
Yep, all boys.
Here are two of the cuties.
While my kids and my sister Amber's kids frequent my parents' house, our little Californian Zac is pretty rare.  So, when ALL of the little grandbabies were together we obviously had to get it on record.  

Here is what it looks like when you are trying to get 5 BOYS under 4 to take a picture:

Well, it was worth a try.  Thank you Lynn for all your hard work! :)

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Heather Lee said...

Ok so that top picture, I had to look extra close to try to tell if that was you or your sister Katie! Do you think you look like her in that photo?
Anyway, that's hilarious. I love the one with the oldest grandson basically sleeping on the armrest he's so over trying to get the little kids to cooperate.
So I'm coming to town on Wednesday! Suz and I were thinking dinner? A must. But then we should also do some extra TLC.