Hansen Family Christmas Party

Last night was the annual Hansen Family Shindig.  Thanks to I-15 we were an hour late, but other than that it was a par-tay.
Me, my momma, my grandma and my sisters:)
My mom, me, Katie, Chey, Amber, and Grandma Hansen
These two little cousins are best buds.  They just follow each other around.  AMAZING.
Milo and Ben.
And here Ben and Milo are again.  Chase is keeping the playing from escalating to fighting.
Man did my little boys love Cyd and Dave's unfinished basement.  Room to fun wild!!!  And yes, Jax found every tool or dangerous item down there.
Some of my fam.
Lynn, Kurt, Chey, Stock, Tim, Zac, Katie, Maren, B
My cousin Colter dressed-up as Santa, and it was amazing!!
I showed this picture to Chase and told him that I was sending this solo shot of me and Santa out for our family Christmas card. ha ha :)
Chase tried to force Jax on Santa's lap.  Jax was NOT having it.  I am not even sure his little bum touched that red velvet.
Sadly, I think this is the most priceless photo with Santa.  I'm pretty sure every kid is terrified of the man!!
(Especially when you have a hunchback Santa like Colter! ha ha ha)
Our little family.


SMILE :):)

Okay, so I know this post is a bit creepy.  And, I am also sure that Chase and I are the only ones who will enjoy these pictures.  AND, I already know you are going to think I am a weirdo for taking pictures of myself
Jax has just learned how to smile on command for the camera and it has brought me some serious entertainment.
So, don't mind me in the photos, but pah-lease appreciate his new smiles for the camera.


FIve GrandSONS

My mom and dad have 5 grandSONS.
Yep, all boys.
Here are two of the cuties.
While my kids and my sister Amber's kids frequent my parents' house, our little Californian Zac is pretty rare.  So, when ALL of the little grandbabies were together we obviously had to get it on record.  

Here is what it looks like when you are trying to get 5 BOYS under 4 to take a picture:

Well, it was worth a try.  Thank you Lynn for all your hard work! :)



Although our Chevalier days together started ELEVEN YEARS AGO, these girls are still my besties.  We had a little get together, and I couldn't have loved it more.  We laughed at our old dance pictures and videos and talked about some funny memories.  Some of my best and funniest high school memories involve these girls! :)

Lacey, Me, Janelle, Nikki, Keri Jo, Jolie, Summer Jessica