Thanksgiving Day

Like most, we alternate between spending Thanksgiving Day with Chase's family and with my family.  This year belonged to the Gunderson's.  We ate at Chase's parents house.  Chase's dad got a knee replacement just last week so, he wasn't really up for much traveling. :)
My little family.  I can't believe that this 4-some is my little family.  Man, time has gone so fast!  My little family is kinda getting big.
All the Gunderson boys minus Drew and Kent.  Drew was busy with his girlfriend, Nancy, and Kent was busy with a knee replacement! :)
Beau, Tigh, Chase, Paul, Baby Chance
Most of the cooking duties fell on the one and only Jana.  She is the most marvelous cook!!  And, Skye of course, too.  Her pumpkin dessert was my favorite.
Jacque. Char and Tigh's little family.
The whole crew.

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jayni & ben said...

your boys are sooo cute. Their outfits... T. Ray needs!!