Oh, Jax.  This little 2 1/2 year of mine is quite the little dude.  I am still trying to figure him out.  He laughs when you tell him no or say anything to him in a stern voice.  He is not interested in following any directions.  But, he does have a new nose squinching smile that lets him get away with most of it.

This last week Jax has boycotted shoes.  Literally.  Two Sundays ago he decided that he was no longer gong to wear shoes.  He didn't care that he was going in public or that winter has approached.  So, that Sunday he went to church without shoes.  I thought it was just a fit he was throwing before church.  But, I was wrong.  Eight days later, he still hadn't worn a pair of shoes.  He even went to "school" shoeless.

He kept bringing me a pair of Ben's Vans and sticking out his feel for me to put them on.  Obviously, they wouldn't fit.  When I try to put shoes on him he literally freaks.  Then, if I do get them on, he literally takes them on within 5 seconds.  So, we went to the mall today to experiment in the Vans store.

We got him a pair just like Ben's - only a different color because they didn't have the same one, which made me a little nervous.  Chase tried 3 different pairs on him checking for the right size.  He sat through all three and allowed them all to go on his feet!!!  Holy smokes!  We were shocked.  We had no choice but to buy them, and he wore them out of the store.

So, I am pretty sure he will soon be the poster child for Vans.  I am not sure why he is so into Vans, but if it means he wears shoes he will be rockin' these babies every day!
If you asked me what Jax's favorite thing to do right now I would hands down say playing in the washer.  I am not sure how this even started, but it is his favorite place.  He pushes the garbage can over and climbs up with screwdriver in hand.  Then, he sits in there and "fixes" it with his screwdriver.  Pretty sure he could be entertained for hours in the washer.
Let's talk a little about Jax's personality.  Let's just say that I would not let him walk around in William Sonoma alone.  He is quite the destructive little guy.  He really isn't malicious about it (and that is not just his mother speaking).  He just likes to grab things, take them apart, and fix everything with his screwdriver.  That being said, there are times when he goes a little too far.
Him and the rip in my couch would be one of those moments.  He thought it was so awesome to climb inside the couch.
Wow...doesn't he look sooooo remoseful?
I sure do love this little guy.  He is the epitome of an active boy.  He can't sit still for anyone but Mickey Mouse.  He is one cute little dude.  He makes me pretty dang tired, but I just want to squish him all day.

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