Last night Chase and I had a monumental parenting moment.
We attended our first TRUNK-or-Treat.
And let me tell you what, our kids hated it! :)
(Perhaps it was because they were feeling sleep deprived.)
They were not interested in me drawing whiskers on them AT ALL.
Jax has one set of whiskers a bit higher than his nose and one set of whiskers quite a bit lower than his nose.  But, he was getting whiskers DANGIT!!!!
And, Ben thought it would be fun to rub the black from his face all over our carpet before we left and all over my clothes when we got there.
This is the brief moment Jax actually stayed in the cultural hall.
He must have thought it was Sunday and appropriately sprinted through the church halls.
And, of course, Ben was quick to follow.
This face pretty much shows his excitement about trick-or-treating.
About 5 minutes after leaving, we realized Jax's costume was WAY too small.  ha ha
Let's just say that he won't be wearing this costume at any of the other Halloween celebrations this week. :)
**Go ahead and look at Jax's right arm and tell me that the sleeves were long enough!! :)
And, if this isn't the cutest little doggy you have ever seen I would like to meet the competitor!!

Even with tired kids who weren't all that into trick-or-treating, I had fun at the Trunk-or-Treat.  And, I felt like an old parent who actually had children old enough to participate.  With Halloween on a Sunday this year, it seems that everyone is a bit confused.  So, celebrations are strung-out all week.  So, stay tuned for more!!!


Heather Lee said...

oh my gosh, is this the twilight trunk-or-treat? Did your ward think 12a.m. was a good time to gather the toddlers?
But I do love their cute little tired faces...and the whiskers add to the whole affect, you were right to force draw them.
I laughed the entire time I read this. I don't know what kid doesn't run the halls the entire ward activity. I know that's what I was doing...either that or rolling up in the curtains on the stage.
But it'd be a shame if that costume didn't get more use. It's so cute on him! Even if the hood is stretched to it's limit to reach the top of his head...and whether or not his head has to tilt a little to the back to put it on, it'd be a real shame.

sarah said...

Jack and Ben could be twinners! Jack is going to be the same little puppy!! So cute!

Megan and Mike said...

hey! remember i told you in church i found your blog and i stalk you? hahaha! your boys are sooo darling! and we didnt make it at the trunk or treat long either! send me your email and ill add you to my blog:)mcrae2405@hotmail.com
megan johnson

georgeandmarie said...

Your boys are SO cute!! Love it!