Let's Talk

Man have I disappeared from the blogging world.  I kinda disappeared because I needed to.  My life really had nothing exciting to blog about.  And, I just couldn't do it any more.  But, I am feeling ready to reunite with this blog of mine.  No, my life hasn't really gotten too much more exciting, but I guess there are still things to document. :)

There are a few reasons I ditched this blog of mine:

1 - I really just couldn't find time to commit to one more thing.  I use to listen to moms say they were just "soooo busy" and kinda roll my eyes.  I didn't get it.  But, now I do.  No, I am not busy making business deals or meeting up with friends nightly to paint the town, but I am busy playing with blocks, going to the park, grocery shopping, cleaning up toys, cleaning up throw-up, and trying to teach animal sounds.  Sure I could have snuck in some blogging time, but I have just been exhausted from this mommy business.  I honestly couldn't do it.

2 - I don't want to sound terrible, but the blogging world had kinda started to bug me.  Because of everything I am currently dealing with in my life I couldn't face checking one more blog.  I wasn't excited that someone's child said something amazing.  Instead, I was kinda pissed and jealous.  I wasn't happy about the events I was reading about, I was kinda mad.  So, instead of being pissed at the cyber world, I just ditched it.  My issues needed to be faced without other lives to compare to.

But, this post is not a downer.  Really, it's not.  I have decided that I want to post on this blog.  And, even better - I can.  I am not going to be pissed at the cyber world anymore.  I am not going to be mad about other people's posts.  How lame is that, anyway?  Lame.  You are going to want to check this blog a lot more often because it is soon going to be off the hook!!!!!!!!  Why?

1 - Because even if it is just one of my kids sneaking into the bath fully clothed, I have things to document.

2 - As sad and virtual as it may seem, it kinda makes me feel like I am actually part of the world even if there are days I never leave the house and just sing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse songs for entertainment. 

So, you can add this blog back on to your daily read list.  I have been raised from the dead!!!!!


Andrew and Jenna said...

So glad you're back :) Now I guess it's time for me to be a little more consistent on the blog. Seems like such a daunting task sometimes, and I have no idea why. Let's hang out!

the dunns said...

You are too funny... I am excited to see new pictures of your boys, they are so cute!

Merm said...

I was just laughing reading this because I have totally felt all of these feelings before! And it is funny... I think it is a vicious cycle!! You blog... you don't blog... you see other peoples fabulous outings... you feel a little sad... then you get over it because it really is silly. Been there done that! Oh and I think the reason I blog... other than to doccument... is to feel like part of the world as well! Especially now that I am clear in alaska.
Did I just write a novel? Pretty sure I did!

Tim + Katie said...

Gold, hang in there. You are a great mom and those boys adore you. I always enjoy your posts, so I hope you do find a few minutes to keep updating.

amy said...

i agree with you! blogging can get me pissed and jealous too... in fact i'm pretty sure i am jealous of you in many ways :) you and your cute family are so fun to watch via your blog. i love you and think you are the best. can't wait to see your upcoming posts.

P.S. so sorry i never got back to you about that headband... life :) it's crazy :)

tiff and chris johnson said...

well stinkin put dearly beloved. And I concur. Just blog and blog about you. Make it your journal, cuz I like reading other people's journals and yours is particularly fun. I heart you. Welcome back.