Hee Haw Farms

This weekend our little family went to Hee Haw Farms.
Ben was excited to be out on the town.
Our boys were pretty excited about this place.
Jax about died over all the tractors that he could freely climb.
Literally, he almost died from excitement.

In the petting area of the farm they had a little bunny to hold.
Ben immediately grabbed it and gave it a hug.
I am not sure if we a good parents for taking our kids to fun places or terrible parents for taking our kids out to play when they are soooooooooo ready for bed.
Hard to say.
Jax, unlike Ben, takes after both Chase and I.
He doesn't want anything to do with touching animals.
He was not about to touch this pig.

Jax and Ben were really into this place.
Honestly, I thought it was just okay.
It wsa $8/person, and I sorta thought that was a little steep for this little farm.
But, with that in mind, I am sure I will be back again with my $16 ready.


Lyssa said...

Gotta love parents who force their kids to do somehting just to see their reactions...aka...pig. We do it all the time because it's hilarious....we are such teasers.
Your hair looks so cute, btw. I am on hairstyle radar since i'm in the neighborhood for a new hair cut. So i just wanted to throw that out for you :)

Heather Lee said...

was the worlds largest pig there this year? Or is he sitting in your refrigerator?
He was there last year, he was so big he couldn't even stand up. It was actually really sad.
Did they go on that tractor train thing? Or on the swings? The swings sort of give my a heart-attack at that place. They are attached to that wheel thing they use to exercise horses, so they are really high...and there's no crotch strap

Heather Lee said...

oh, by the way. I love how Ben totally looks like a big boy now, with his spiffy hair do. I love your boys. The little ones.