Happy Birthday Chaser

This week Chase celebrated the big 2-7.
Holy OLD!!!!
He actually wasn't all that excited to turn 27.
But, we celebrated anyway. :)

Chase's family came over to our place for dinner and our very own version on Minute to Win It!!
Most of the group trying to see who really knows Chase best.
Ben was partying, too....shirtless!
Happy Birthday to my baby.  
I know you want a slice of that cake.
Nancy and Drew.
Cute couple!!!
Ben in trying to get in on the dating scene.
There is the birthday boy himself.
What a stud.
Jax thought this was the coolest party ever.  He got to play with balloons and rolls of toilet paper.  What more could a 2 year old ask for?
Skye dominating (I mean cheating) while winning fishing pumpkins out of noodles with her toes.
I would like to personally thank Jax for ruining this cute photo.  He was obsessed with pouring water everywhere and got a little on my camera lens.
With only one minute who can pull ALL the Kleenexes out of the box one by one fastest??
Jacque?  Nope..
Drew?  Wrong again...
Nancy?  Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!
Who was the winner of the toilet paper unrolling?
Not sure...sorry winner. :)  You are not getting the recognition you deserve.

We had such a fun night.  These stupid games really turned out to be quite entertaining.

Happy Birthday Chase!!
I love you soooo much.  You are my bestest bud.

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bateman said...

How fun, Happy Birthday Chase! Goldie I love looking at your blog. You are so beautiful and the boys are so darling! You are so talented I love all your accessories, etc. It is fun to see your darling family doing so well and have such fun. I so miss not living by you guys. Nothing is better than Utah!