Halloween School Day

Twice a week Jax goes to "school".  Now, when I say "school" I really mean a class that I attend with him that is meant to prepare him for when he is actually old enough to go to school.  They work on transitions, sitting still for learning time, snack time, book time, and music time.  It started as a nightmare, but now I don't dread it.  It is hard work for BOTH of us!

He was suppose to come in costume to class this week for Halloween.  Since we discovered that his actual Halloween costume was way too small and made him look like the poor kid who couldn't afford a costume that actually fit, I had to rummage up something the day of.

Count on Jax to already own a BYU jersey and actual football pants.  So, he graduated from the lion to the football player.
Jax during learning time actually LEARNING!!!  The first time he did this learning time he lasted a whopping 3 MINUTES.  And, he was mad the whole time.  But, I am happy to say that this little football man can now do the full 15 minutes of learning time.
He must be a genius or something! :)
Learning time continued.  Putting these sticks into this wooden block have proved to be one of his all-time faves.  I think it is the cutest thing how serious he is about this.  As soon as all five are in, he looks up at me with a smile waiting for me to get excited and congratulate him.
Today was the best he has ever done at "school".  He has a tendency to run away from the assigned activity to climb on something or grab any visible toy.  But, not today.  He was pretty into the pudding/shaving cream painting.
This is one risque school!  They had the kids take their shirts off to paint to avoid getting too dirty.  Jax thought the foam shapes were off the hizzle!!
Because he is so little, I attend "school" with him.  We painted a tree.  And, he even decorated it with some feathers.
The fact that he is attending to this activity and even did it by himself (for a few minutes) honestly almost brings me to tears.  This little guy has been a handful, to say the least.  I hated this class when we started.  I left sweating and crying for the whole first month.  But, I am so proud of him now.  No, he doesn't sing the songs during music time, but he sits there and listens now.  And no, he doesn't try every new snack during snack time, but he sits there (most of the time).  This little guy just might make it in the big, bad world of real school!!! :)


Tim + Katie said...

I am so proud of little Jax! He is only two, but is painting of a tree is amazing.

Heather Lee said...

I LOVE that photo of him balancing the blocks. That looks like a pretty advanced school to me! I don't know where you're coming from expecting a 2 year old to do anything for longer than 2 minutes...but I guess I'll take your word for it.
Love that he already had the genuine football getup...only Chase's child.
I'd love to have another midnight texting session. Sounds weird. But it's cool.

Heather Lee said...

oh and don't feel too bad. I make Steve check up on Holland in nursery, or else I leave there with an order of two "taco's" if you know what I'm sayin?
Stresses me out, having to perform as a mom...in such a conducive environment for hitting.

Andrew and Jenna said...

Way to go Jax! He'll be a scholar in no time. And I'm loving his costume... he and Cash got the same memo :)