Halloween School Day

Twice a week Jax goes to "school".  Now, when I say "school" I really mean a class that I attend with him that is meant to prepare him for when he is actually old enough to go to school.  They work on transitions, sitting still for learning time, snack time, book time, and music time.  It started as a nightmare, but now I don't dread it.  It is hard work for BOTH of us!

He was suppose to come in costume to class this week for Halloween.  Since we discovered that his actual Halloween costume was way too small and made him look like the poor kid who couldn't afford a costume that actually fit, I had to rummage up something the day of.

Count on Jax to already own a BYU jersey and actual football pants.  So, he graduated from the lion to the football player.
Jax during learning time actually LEARNING!!!  The first time he did this learning time he lasted a whopping 3 MINUTES.  And, he was mad the whole time.  But, I am happy to say that this little football man can now do the full 15 minutes of learning time.
He must be a genius or something! :)
Learning time continued.  Putting these sticks into this wooden block have proved to be one of his all-time faves.  I think it is the cutest thing how serious he is about this.  As soon as all five are in, he looks up at me with a smile waiting for me to get excited and congratulate him.
Today was the best he has ever done at "school".  He has a tendency to run away from the assigned activity to climb on something or grab any visible toy.  But, not today.  He was pretty into the pudding/shaving cream painting.
This is one risque school!  They had the kids take their shirts off to paint to avoid getting too dirty.  Jax thought the foam shapes were off the hizzle!!
Because he is so little, I attend "school" with him.  We painted a tree.  And, he even decorated it with some feathers.
The fact that he is attending to this activity and even did it by himself (for a few minutes) honestly almost brings me to tears.  This little guy has been a handful, to say the least.  I hated this class when we started.  I left sweating and crying for the whole first month.  But, I am so proud of him now.  No, he doesn't sing the songs during music time, but he sits there and listens now.  And no, he doesn't try every new snack during snack time, but he sits there (most of the time).  This little guy just might make it in the big, bad world of real school!!! :)



Last night Chase and I had a monumental parenting moment.
We attended our first TRUNK-or-Treat.
And let me tell you what, our kids hated it! :)
(Perhaps it was because they were feeling sleep deprived.)
They were not interested in me drawing whiskers on them AT ALL.
Jax has one set of whiskers a bit higher than his nose and one set of whiskers quite a bit lower than his nose.  But, he was getting whiskers DANGIT!!!!
And, Ben thought it would be fun to rub the black from his face all over our carpet before we left and all over my clothes when we got there.
This is the brief moment Jax actually stayed in the cultural hall.
He must have thought it was Sunday and appropriately sprinted through the church halls.
And, of course, Ben was quick to follow.
This face pretty much shows his excitement about trick-or-treating.
About 5 minutes after leaving, we realized Jax's costume was WAY too small.  ha ha
Let's just say that he won't be wearing this costume at any of the other Halloween celebrations this week. :)
**Go ahead and look at Jax's right arm and tell me that the sleeves were long enough!! :)
And, if this isn't the cutest little doggy you have ever seen I would like to meet the competitor!!

Even with tired kids who weren't all that into trick-or-treating, I had fun at the Trunk-or-Treat.  And, I felt like an old parent who actually had children old enough to participate.  With Halloween on a Sunday this year, it seems that everyone is a bit confused.  So, celebrations are strung-out all week.  So, stay tuned for more!!!


Happy Birthday Chaser

This week Chase celebrated the big 2-7.
Holy OLD!!!!
He actually wasn't all that excited to turn 27.
But, we celebrated anyway. :)

Chase's family came over to our place for dinner and our very own version on Minute to Win It!!
Most of the group trying to see who really knows Chase best.
Ben was partying, too....shirtless!
Happy Birthday to my baby.  
I know you want a slice of that cake.
Nancy and Drew.
Cute couple!!!
Ben in trying to get in on the dating scene.
There is the birthday boy himself.
What a stud.
Jax thought this was the coolest party ever.  He got to play with balloons and rolls of toilet paper.  What more could a 2 year old ask for?
Skye dominating (I mean cheating) while winning fishing pumpkins out of noodles with her toes.
I would like to personally thank Jax for ruining this cute photo.  He was obsessed with pouring water everywhere and got a little on my camera lens.
With only one minute who can pull ALL the Kleenexes out of the box one by one fastest??
Jacque?  Nope..
Drew?  Wrong again...
Nancy?  Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!
Who was the winner of the toilet paper unrolling?
Not sure...sorry winner. :)  You are not getting the recognition you deserve.

We had such a fun night.  These stupid games really turned out to be quite entertaining.

Happy Birthday Chase!!
I love you soooo much.  You are my bestest bud.


Hee Haw Farms

This weekend our little family went to Hee Haw Farms.
Ben was excited to be out on the town.
Our boys were pretty excited about this place.
Jax about died over all the tractors that he could freely climb.
Literally, he almost died from excitement.

In the petting area of the farm they had a little bunny to hold.
Ben immediately grabbed it and gave it a hug.
I am not sure if we a good parents for taking our kids to fun places or terrible parents for taking our kids out to play when they are soooooooooo ready for bed.
Hard to say.
Jax, unlike Ben, takes after both Chase and I.
He doesn't want anything to do with touching animals.
He was not about to touch this pig.

Jax and Ben were really into this place.
Honestly, I thought it was just okay.
It wsa $8/person, and I sorta thought that was a little steep for this little farm.
But, with that in mind, I am sure I will be back again with my $16 ready.


My Babies

There is something that I am not proud of.
And, this is it.
I am sure that there are a few of you out there who can't breath right now.  Yes, that is my 2 year old with a bottle still.  I know.  I know.  BUT, you have to admit that this picture is so dang cute.  Ben can't get enough of his big brother.  Ben always wakes up earlier than Jax.  When I hear Jax waking up I tell Ben that we need to go get him.  This is probably Ben's most exciting part of the day.
Jax got a new bike.  He looks sooo big on it.  Sure he doesn't like to ride it on his own yet, but he does love checking out the grips and being pushed on it.
Oh, those grips have changed Jax's life!!!
While this isn't the best picture ever, it IS the best picture ever!!!!  I love both Ben and Jax's faces.  I always think about how grateful I am that I have both of these guys.  Ben was definitely a 'surprise'.  However, knowing what I know now I might have even planned my kids this crazy close in age.  I am so grateful that Heavenly Father is the one in charge!!!
Amazing.  That is quite the stink eye from Jax.
Please tell me that I am not the only one who can't keep a straight face looking at this photo.  These weird glasses were in one of the boxes of Little Swimmers I bought this summer.  Ben thinks these are the coolest thing EVER!

(Please notice two things in the background.  1- Jax is doing the perfect picture pose in the background.  2- Check out my blinds.  My kids sure know how to leave their mark on a place.)


Let's Talk

Man have I disappeared from the blogging world.  I kinda disappeared because I needed to.  My life really had nothing exciting to blog about.  And, I just couldn't do it any more.  But, I am feeling ready to reunite with this blog of mine.  No, my life hasn't really gotten too much more exciting, but I guess there are still things to document. :)

There are a few reasons I ditched this blog of mine:

1 - I really just couldn't find time to commit to one more thing.  I use to listen to moms say they were just "soooo busy" and kinda roll my eyes.  I didn't get it.  But, now I do.  No, I am not busy making business deals or meeting up with friends nightly to paint the town, but I am busy playing with blocks, going to the park, grocery shopping, cleaning up toys, cleaning up throw-up, and trying to teach animal sounds.  Sure I could have snuck in some blogging time, but I have just been exhausted from this mommy business.  I honestly couldn't do it.

2 - I don't want to sound terrible, but the blogging world had kinda started to bug me.  Because of everything I am currently dealing with in my life I couldn't face checking one more blog.  I wasn't excited that someone's child said something amazing.  Instead, I was kinda pissed and jealous.  I wasn't happy about the events I was reading about, I was kinda mad.  So, instead of being pissed at the cyber world, I just ditched it.  My issues needed to be faced without other lives to compare to.

But, this post is not a downer.  Really, it's not.  I have decided that I want to post on this blog.  And, even better - I can.  I am not going to be pissed at the cyber world anymore.  I am not going to be mad about other people's posts.  How lame is that, anyway?  Lame.  You are going to want to check this blog a lot more often because it is soon going to be off the hook!!!!!!!!  Why?

1 - Because even if it is just one of my kids sneaking into the bath fully clothed, I have things to document.

2 - As sad and virtual as it may seem, it kinda makes me feel like I am actually part of the world even if there are days I never leave the house and just sing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse songs for entertainment. 

So, you can add this blog back on to your daily read list.  I have been raised from the dead!!!!!