8 Weeks to a Better You

So, I have joined a new health challenge.
It started Monday, but I didn't sign-up until yesterday.
So, if you are really interested, I am sure they will still let you join today.
Check out the blog:

 Here is a little of the info.
Wish me luck with no sugar!!!!

As a participant, you will have the opportunity to earn points every day by following a list of requirements.  At the end of every week, you will total your points then record them to the "8 Weeks to a Better You Points Bracket".  All the participants will receive access to this online spreadsheet, and we trust will be truthful when recording their points.  On you honor people!

Here's how you earn points...

Physically Better Yourself

1. Exercise at least 45 minutes a day!

2. Get AT LEAST 7 hours of sleep a night (if you are short a little just squeeze a nap in to make up for it).

3. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day

4. No Sugar-there are different ways to do this.  We prefer eliminating sugars and white flours (which turn into sugars) to get the most bang for your buck.  But if you would like to just do without sugars than you can make that call. 

5. No Soda or Junk Food Yes that means no Diet Coke ladies or fast food! Ya we know that will not be an easy point to earn...but you will love yourself and how you feel if you do it.

6. Eat at least 2 servings of fruit and 2 servings of vegetables

7. No eating after 8 p.m.

Emotionally/Spiritually Better Yourself

8. Write in your journal EVERY DAY.

9. Complete at least 15 minutes of uplifting reading or scripture study.

10. Complete an act of service or random act of kindness.  Whether it be a small one or a big one, do something kind for someone else that is out of your normal routine.

You receive 1 point per item per day, so that's 10 points a day you can earn.  There will also be 1 bonus challenge every week worth extra points.  It could be anything from cleaning out your fridge to donating your time or money to a charity or worthy cause.

Now we know this is not easy so to help out you get a FREE DAY where you get the full 10 points whether or not you complete all the requirements!  You can choose which day of each week is your free day each week, but you cannot choose different days for different points.  The only exception to this rule is exercise.  Your free day from exercise can be different if you choose.  For example - you may choose Saturday as your free day but choose to workout that day and take Sunday off from exercise.


what makes YOU happy?

My kids are pretty dang cute.
What makes Jax happy?
A full-size Three Musketeer's Bar...
(or any full-size candy bar for that matter).

What makes Ben happy?
His new dog, Sniffy.



This last week Chase and I went on a cruise to the Western Caribbean.
Oh, it was wonderful.
My parents watched Jax and Ben for the first 4 days, and Chase's parents watched them for the last 4 days.  This was the first time that we really left our kids for more than one night.  It was probably harder for me than for them!

But, Chase and I had the best week ever!!

In Grand Cayman we went to Sting Ray City.
I was freaked at first.  But, I soon came to love that smooth skin.
Our tour guide, Mark, took this photo.  He was pretty dang funny.
Chase holding the sting ray. :)
And again.
Mark told him that he needed a different shot for facebook and for twitter. :)
So funny!
And, here we are!  This was probably after I had to warm up to them for 30 minutes.
Wow!  Obviously this huge, cheesy smile shows that I did, in fact, warm up to them.
They are SO heavy.  They can't support their own body weight when lifter so it is dead weight.
Our dinner group was so fun.  I am pretty sure that I wish we could meet up once a week with this group.  We laughed pretty hard every night!!!
And here we are...eating...AGAIN.
Oh my gosh.  Have you ever been on a cruise?  It is pretty much an eating marathon.
I am sure that I had at least 30 ice cream cones.
Don't worry, I am NOT proud of that.

It was so fun being out on the ocean.  And, it was beautiful!

Formal Night
The wind was obviously raging this night.  Chase's hair is proof of that!!
Pretty sure that all of our photos are us eating.
We need to now do a week long cleanse.
It was so wonderful to just be me and Chase.
We never get to do that!  And, it was so nice to just take care of myself. 
I usually am packing a huge bag with diapers, snacks, a change of clothes for two people, two sippy cups, a bottle, toys, and anything else you can imagine.  I was wonderful to wake up only 20 minutes before we wanted to get off the ship and change, brush my teeth, and go.

However, it was so nice to come home.  We missed our little boys so much.  Being away made us realize how much we really do love our life!

This trip did not disappoint.  However, I will be on a very strict diet for like 6 months to undo the damage done in these 8 days. :)