Sewing Adventure

Don't judge me, but I am about to tell you about something amazing that I did.
I just might be bragging a little bit.
But, if you understand that I was not blessed with a single artistic bone in my body, you will see how amazing this truely is.

I have been needing some new pillows for my family room couches.
So, I decided that I was going to make some.
Yep, MAKE them.
I am no sewer.  At all.
So, this is quite the accomplishment!!
I am so proud of myself. 
I think it is pretty cute.
The black and white pillows are just an easy envelope pillow.
The flower pillows, however, took a little longer.
But, even a non sewer would say this pillow is pretty dang easy.
I think you should make one for your house, too.
We could be TWINERS!!!!!!!!!!

Just visit the tutorial from Cluck. Cluck. Sew.
Let me know how it goes!! :)


Andrew and Jenna said...

Those are adorable! Good work Goldie!

Camie and Rich said...

So cute, and I love your color choice!

Lyssa said...

Goldie- those are awesome! I love them both. I too am in need of some new pillows!! I should hit that tutorial. I have seen some awesome ones lately. I just need to get on the ball. excuse, right?
I love the colors and patterns though. Love the contrast. Keep these wonderful projects coming please :)

the dunns said...

Wow, that is way impressive... I might have to hire you.

Mark & Michelle said...

Okay, I'm totally judging you because how you could you say you don't have an artistic bone in your body and then make something SO amazing! I love them, they're darling. (And I'll take some in red, white and black...Thanks).

Kelsey, Greg, and Olivia said...

You are amazing! Those are so dang cute! I'm so impressed with your craftiness these days!

annie and jared said...

So cute goldie.. i am so impressed! How on earth did you make that flower??

Lauren Clyde said...

So DANG cute Goldie! And looks awesome onyour couch. I made my own pillows too but they're not nearly as cute.

I'm inspired.

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