Kangaroo Zoo

Kangaroo Zoo is one of those places that really, really does it for Jax and Ben.
If you haven't been, you really should.
I love that both of my kids are old enough to play now.
It makes it so much more fun.

Poor little Ben's black eye.  Jax dropped a picture frame right on Ben's face.
Poor guy...
We accidentally brought two pairs of Jax's socks....
Ben, however, looked kinda cute in his huge tube socks! :)
Chase is a pretty cute dad.
This picture is so wonderful!
It totally captures Ben's train of thought.
He thinks he is so old and coordinated because he watches Jax do everything.
This little 13 month old thinks he is pretty old!!
So, this slide really is pretty big.
I'll admit that I even went down a few times and liked it.
Jax LOVES it.
He gets so excited as he is climbing up.
But, when he goes down his face looks terrified!!
Then, he gets off an sprints over to do it again.
So funny.
Like I said, Ben doesn't know he isn't old.  So, he tries everything.
An action shot of Chase and Ben going down the big slide.
Ben wasn't totally sure about this slide. :)

When it starts to get too cold to go outside you better believe we will be frequenting this place!


Austin & Andrea said...

I went there with my nieces in the winter and those slides really are so fun Haha! Cute cute. It looks like you guys are having a fun summer!

maggie said...

my ELI loooooves that place! its so fun when they are big enough to go nuts!

Heather Lee said...

haha! I, personally, love the tube socks. And look at you, all young and vivacious. It looks like you should be in the bouncy house doing summersaults.