Kangaroo Zoo

Kangaroo Zoo is one of those places that really, really does it for Jax and Ben.
If you haven't been, you really should.
I love that both of my kids are old enough to play now.
It makes it so much more fun.

Poor little Ben's black eye.  Jax dropped a picture frame right on Ben's face.
Poor guy...
We accidentally brought two pairs of Jax's socks....
Ben, however, looked kinda cute in his huge tube socks! :)
Chase is a pretty cute dad.
This picture is so wonderful!
It totally captures Ben's train of thought.
He thinks he is so old and coordinated because he watches Jax do everything.
This little 13 month old thinks he is pretty old!!
So, this slide really is pretty big.
I'll admit that I even went down a few times and liked it.
Jax LOVES it.
He gets so excited as he is climbing up.
But, when he goes down his face looks terrified!!
Then, he gets off an sprints over to do it again.
So funny.
Like I said, Ben doesn't know he isn't old.  So, he tries everything.
An action shot of Chase and Ben going down the big slide.
Ben wasn't totally sure about this slide. :)

When it starts to get too cold to go outside you better believe we will be frequenting this place!


Sewing Adventure

Don't judge me, but I am about to tell you about something amazing that I did.
I just might be bragging a little bit.
But, if you understand that I was not blessed with a single artistic bone in my body, you will see how amazing this truely is.

I have been needing some new pillows for my family room couches.
So, I decided that I was going to make some.
Yep, MAKE them.
I am no sewer.  At all.
So, this is quite the accomplishment!!
I am so proud of myself. 
I think it is pretty cute.
The black and white pillows are just an easy envelope pillow.
The flower pillows, however, took a little longer.
But, even a non sewer would say this pillow is pretty dang easy.
I think you should make one for your house, too.
We could be TWINERS!!!!!!!!!!

Just visit the tutorial from Cluck. Cluck. Sew.
Let me know how it goes!! :)


Thanksgiving Point Farm

First of all, I am so sad that this little man has left back to his San Deigo home... 
(and I guess I am sad about his mom leaving too :)
Katie was here for almost 3 WEEKS, and now that she is gone we don't know what to do with ourselves.  Katie and I took our boys to the Thanksgiving Point Farm.  Jax enjoyed him some cow mooing, Ben enjoyed the carriage ride, Zac enjoyed his first ice cream cone and Katie and I ...sweat to death.
Okay, so maybe Zac wasn't the only one who enjoyed the ice cream cones.
DId you know that if you are under three the Soda Fountain will give you a free ice cream cone!!
However, they are little kiddie cones and if you are like Jax, you need a second.  Seconds cost 25 cents.  :)
This carriage ride was surprisingly a hit for my kids.  I thought for sure Jax would be trying to pull the horses mane and attempting to jump out of the moving vehicle, but I was dead wrong.  Ben REALLY enjoyed himself.
Jax's first horse ride!!
I was feeling brave and put Jax on the horse.  He really liked it!  He did, of course, try to pull the horse's mane here, but other than that he just might be a cowboy deep down.
Yes, this is my child running through a horse run...
Me, my babes, and the cow...moooo
Katie and little Zac
They need to move back.
Zac and Ben became best friends while he was here.
Speaking of Ben, did I mention he is walking.  
I want to squish him all day long!!!
My sister, Amber, told me that she has no idea how Ben has enough muscle tone to walk since he is sooooo squishy! :)
I love these two.
This photo of Jax riding the cow is so perfect for him right now.
He is really, and I mean really, into animal sounds right now.  Particularly the cow.
He will be babbling off some conversation to himself and every so often he throws in, "A cow...moooo."  I love it!

I highly recommend the Thanksgiving Point Farm.  Sure Jax desperately tried to climb into the pig pen, but it was still wonderful.  It is perfect for him.  Horses to ride, cows to moo at, and ice cream cones to eat.

Ben, also loved it.  He, too, is into animal sounds.  He prefers the dog...woo woo.  Every animal we would pass Ben would yell, "A DOG!!!!!!!!"