Summertime Catch-up

My blogging has really been quite slow this month.  And, even though my last post was telling you all how bored I have been :), turns out we have actually done quite a bit of fun stuff.

The 4th of July was quite the par-tay.  We started off our morning at the Hidden Oaks Parade.
This little cutie pretty much sums up the fun day.
I am not afraid to admit that I sorta love my boys to be in matching outfits.  I think it is seriously cute.  I don't do it every day.  Just sometimes.  There is no way Chase would let me get away with it on a daily basis.  But, when a holiday rolls around you better believe they are twinners.
We sure did love us some parade watching.  And, Jax is fighting taking a picture...like always.

Now, on to the next event.
My sister, Katie, and her little baby Zac are here visiting.  They are staying for a whopping 3 weeks - well almost.  We have been trying to do as much as we can with them since we only see them like 2 or 3 times a year.

Many days have been spent in my parents yard where all the cousins can play and we can try to get as much time in with Katie as possible.
There are 5 grandSONS.  Not a girl to speak of.  (That's okay though because all the rest of my kids are going to be girls. :))  We tried desperately to get a picture of all five of them on the tramp.  This is the best we could do! ha ha  Even with Chey trying to hold some of them down we still had escapees!
These two have become best buds.
On July 8th Chase and I celebrated our 4th anniversary!  Holy smokes!!  I seriously can't believe that.  I am one lucky girl.  I kinda really love this guy!  This is us on our night out.  We had such a fun time.  I LITERALLY jump for joy when we leave for a date with no kids.  

We've also spent quite a few summer days at Chase's parents' house swimming.  Jax is basically a fish and Ben is quickly learning to love the water.
Here are all the boys (minus Tigh) hanging out at the pool.
Top: Beau, Drew
Bottom:  Chase, Paul
This day at the pool was so funny!!  The pool cover got a little wrip in it and as the pool was filling up it flooded through the wrip.  We were all planning on swimming, and the flood put a bit of a damper on our plans.  Jax, however, decided that he was just going to play on top of the cover anyway.  And, after seeing how much fun Jax was having, my father-in-law decided to join him!

We have also been having some fun in my oldest sister, Amber's, backyard.  We set up a few blow-up pools, a slip-n-slide, and the party is started!!
I think it is pretty safe to say that Jax is enjoying himslef.
And, Ben likes it too.


Austin & Andrea said...

i miss utah summers....that looks like so much fun!!! 4 years? ah time flies...we are right behind ya :)

Lyssa said...

Could you be any skinnier?! You look awesome..please share your secret on how you did that?
I am jealous of you being so close to family! i wish I had that!
Glad you had fun :)