Bridal Veil Falls

I have been begging Chase to walk up to Bridal Veil Falls forever.  Seriously.  Every time we are like, "What should we do today?"  I always answer with, "Let's walk up to Bridal Veil Falls."  

After suggesting it like 9 million times, Chase finally caved!!
And, on the 24th of July, we loaded our kids in the car for some Pioneer Day fun.
How cute are these buds?  I love it.
Of course Jax has a stick in hand.  He is really serious about gathering sticks these days.
These two little cuties were not about to touch the ice cold water.  I tried to put Jax's feet in and he immediately walked away.  And Ben isn't much of a water fan.  But, it was a great path to gather sticks on so, Jax thought it was a success!
This picture makes me so happy.  I love to see Jax playing with Chase.  I think it is the cutest thing.  Chase had to make sure Jax didn't fall into the raging river while he was digging through the wilderness collecting sticks.  

So cute.


Beck said...

If I have to see one more picture of you and your skinny butt Im going to come sit on you with my big fat butt. Seriously Goldie you look AMAZING!! Will you be my personal trainer so I can look like you.

Austin & Andrea said...

soooo cute!!! i love bridal veil falls!!! i need to get myself a cute family like yours :) love all your blogging! Oh, and I second all the skinny talk. You seriously are a twig.

Heather Lee said...

And that's why I love you. You can totally stabilize a situation! Thanks for the reassurance that I'm not raising the next member of the O'Doyle Family.
O'Doyle RULES!

Heather Lee said...

And I totally 3rd the skinny B talk. What in the world? Have you been going to Zumba without me??? I hope you've been shimmying next to our friend with loooong luscious gray hair, yes him. The guy that wore windbreaker pants and threw that pony-tail around like it ain't no thang.