accessory sale

Mark your calendars and clear your schedules because 
THIS SATURDAY (july 17th)
I am having an accessory sale hosted in highland.

I am selling handmade necklaces, headbands, hair/clothing clips and pins, bracelets, children's accessories, and clothing - all under $20.

You really need to come.  Everything is new so, if you came to my last sale no need to fear.  There is a brand new collection to love.

sale location info:

saturday, july 17th
11am - 1pm
10239 Hidden Oak Drive
Highland, UT
(this is not my residence for all you scary blog lookers trying to locate me:)   

If you aren't interested in buying anything you are still invited to come, hangout, and have a treat!!


Rebecca said...

Ok So I am not just saying that I want to buy some of your stuff, because I really do. I am babysitting my brother's kids from 11-1. So I will get back on your website. Life has been a little crazy with Brad in Alaska. Thanks for the invite.

LinDsEy ShaUn said...

How did it go!?!
I know I know, it would have been way better if I came but work calls sometimes. :)
you up for swimming at my parents?