Bridal Veil Falls

I have been begging Chase to walk up to Bridal Veil Falls forever.  Seriously.  Every time we are like, "What should we do today?"  I always answer with, "Let's walk up to Bridal Veil Falls."  

After suggesting it like 9 million times, Chase finally caved!!
And, on the 24th of July, we loaded our kids in the car for some Pioneer Day fun.
How cute are these buds?  I love it.
Of course Jax has a stick in hand.  He is really serious about gathering sticks these days.
These two little cuties were not about to touch the ice cold water.  I tried to put Jax's feet in and he immediately walked away.  And Ben isn't much of a water fan.  But, it was a great path to gather sticks on so, Jax thought it was a success!
This picture makes me so happy.  I love to see Jax playing with Chase.  I think it is the cutest thing.  Chase had to make sure Jax didn't fall into the raging river while he was digging through the wilderness collecting sticks.  

So cute.


Summertime Catch-up

My blogging has really been quite slow this month.  And, even though my last post was telling you all how bored I have been :), turns out we have actually done quite a bit of fun stuff.

The 4th of July was quite the par-tay.  We started off our morning at the Hidden Oaks Parade.
This little cutie pretty much sums up the fun day.
I am not afraid to admit that I sorta love my boys to be in matching outfits.  I think it is seriously cute.  I don't do it every day.  Just sometimes.  There is no way Chase would let me get away with it on a daily basis.  But, when a holiday rolls around you better believe they are twinners.
We sure did love us some parade watching.  And, Jax is fighting taking a picture...like always.

Now, on to the next event.
My sister, Katie, and her little baby Zac are here visiting.  They are staying for a whopping 3 weeks - well almost.  We have been trying to do as much as we can with them since we only see them like 2 or 3 times a year.

Many days have been spent in my parents yard where all the cousins can play and we can try to get as much time in with Katie as possible.
There are 5 grandSONS.  Not a girl to speak of.  (That's okay though because all the rest of my kids are going to be girls. :))  We tried desperately to get a picture of all five of them on the tramp.  This is the best we could do! ha ha  Even with Chey trying to hold some of them down we still had escapees!
These two have become best buds.
On July 8th Chase and I celebrated our 4th anniversary!  Holy smokes!!  I seriously can't believe that.  I am one lucky girl.  I kinda really love this guy!  This is us on our night out.  We had such a fun time.  I LITERALLY jump for joy when we leave for a date with no kids.  

We've also spent quite a few summer days at Chase's parents' house swimming.  Jax is basically a fish and Ben is quickly learning to love the water.
Here are all the boys (minus Tigh) hanging out at the pool.
Top: Beau, Drew
Bottom:  Chase, Paul
This day at the pool was so funny!!  The pool cover got a little wrip in it and as the pool was filling up it flooded through the wrip.  We were all planning on swimming, and the flood put a bit of a damper on our plans.  Jax, however, decided that he was just going to play on top of the cover anyway.  And, after seeing how much fun Jax was having, my father-in-law decided to join him!

We have also been having some fun in my oldest sister, Amber's, backyard.  We set up a few blow-up pools, a slip-n-slide, and the party is started!!
I think it is pretty safe to say that Jax is enjoying himslef.
And, Ben likes it too.


being a mom...

I am a mom.  All day and all night long.  I really do love it.  I have wanted to be a mom ever since I could remember.  I think a lot of little girls dream of the day when they get to aspire to be a mom.  Oh, that blessed day.  I played house for hours and hours and hours.  Honestly, I might have played for a little too long.  My bestest childhood friend, Brooke, and I had made-up full blown families along with husbands who went to work all day and babies to take care of.  Now I am here.  But, this time it is real.  And, I am struggling just a bit...

When I had Jax I had to go back to work for about 6 weeks to finish out the school year.  I thought my life was over.  I seriously couldn't imagine how I would make it through the day without my little baby.  I just knew that he was going to remember me leaving him and hate me forever.  After my second year teaching, I quit and was officially a full-time mom.

I am so grateful that Chase works hard enough to make it possible for me to stay home and take care of our kids.  I love that I get to see them grow and watch all the funny, cute, sweet things they do.  BUT, I am kinda starting to feel strange about my life.

Honestly, most days we don't have  a single thing that we have to do.  Those days are nice every now and again, but every day?  It can get old.  And boring.  I try to do something fun with these two little boys of mine every day, but I must say I am feeling bored.  I am kind of feeling like I, Goldie,  am ceasing to exist and being 'a mom' is taking over.  It is a really strange feeling.

While it is sometimes nice, I feel strange about the fact that I could go the entire day without showering and changing out of my pajamas and no one would ever know.  And, it wouldn't really matter because we don't have anywhere to go anyway.  And, to make it worse my 2 1/2 year old, Jax, isn't the easiest to take places.  Better put, he is the hardest to take anywhere.  He is a wild man.

So, this post is not just a big complaint.  Really.  Things for me aren't that bad.  Just getting a little boring and redundant.  So, I need some help.  This may sound ridiculous, but what do you do all day with your kids? :)  I am going to write down a list of things that we do fairly often to share a few of my ideas, but that means in return you share yours - activities that are free and places to go that cost money are both welcome.  I am getting desperate!!! 

go to the park
go the the splash park
go to the pool
go on a walk
go the my parents'
go to my sister's
let Jax run through the isles of Target (I'm sure the employee's love this.)
jump on it
walk around the mall (both my kids love the stroller) and play at the mall play place

And, yeah...can't think of anything else.  Maybe that is why I am getting so bored.


accessory sale

Mark your calendars and clear your schedules because 
THIS SATURDAY (july 17th)
I am having an accessory sale hosted in highland.

I am selling handmade necklaces, headbands, hair/clothing clips and pins, bracelets, children's accessories, and clothing - all under $20.

You really need to come.  Everything is new so, if you came to my last sale no need to fear.  There is a brand new collection to love.

sale location info:

saturday, july 17th
11am - 1pm
10239 Hidden Oak Drive
Highland, UT
(this is not my residence for all you scary blog lookers trying to locate me:)   

If you aren't interested in buying anything you are still invited to come, hangout, and have a treat!!


weekend getaway

We spent this last weekend up in Park City for Tigh's (my brother-in-law) birthday.
It is so nice to get away sometimes.
Although the night was M.I.S.E.R.A.B.L.E due to my two babies who refused to sleep like normal human beings, we had a blast!

The pool was by far the highlight for Jax and Ben.  We pretty much just hungout in the hot tub because it was so amazing.  It was the hugest thing ever.
In this picture my cute little niece (whom I LOVE) is only pretending to want to get in.  She is such a girly girl, and I love it.  She is so cautious and freaked to get in the water.
Jax, on the other hand, is a fish.  If he could move into the pool, I'm pretty sure he would.....as long as we could figure out a way to get Mickey Mouse playing in there.

Seriously, I love this little girl.  I think she and Jax look like they could be twins.  She is just 3 months older than him.  I would take her in a heartbeat!
After we put Jax and Ben to sleep, the fun began.  We all got in costume, don't you worry, and had a murder mystery dinner.  I'm pretty sure that Paul and Beau think they are really their actual characters...really.
We don't mess around when discussing clues.
And here is the whole group.  Watch out!!