To Grandma's House We Go

We spend some serious time hanging out at Grandma's - either my parent's house or Chase's parents.  For some reason everything is just more fun over there!!
Ben, Me, Jax
Okay, this picture really IS NOT a good documentation of what was going on.  We were watching Goofy Movie and Ben seriously only cried for the 5 seconds we took a picture.  He really was having a good time.  I promise.
Jax and his beautiful cousin Char.
These two are buds.  Jax hasn't quite perfected the art of actually playing with another kid, but once he does these two are going to be besties.
Here we are at my parent's house.  Jax is just enjoying himself an ice cream cone.  Ben is probably just on the other side of the camera with a creamie in hand.  

It is not an exaggeration that I owe my mom and dad some SERIOUS money for the amount of groceries these two little boys of mine eat at their house.

Everything really is more fun at Grandma and Grandpa's.


the dunns said...

Love, Love, Love your dark hair.... don't mind if I do mine dark by the next time you see me.

Julie said...

Your hair is brown! Love it!

Austin & Andrea said...

wow, your hair!! your are a burnette! love it...so cute!